RoughlyDrafted: Ten Myths of the Apple iPhone

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Particularly in light of the recent release of the iPhone from Apple the blogosphere and the media world is abuzz with speculation. Most of the press is solid and essentially predicts that the iPhone is a world changing device. The minority (but a vocal one at that) is naysayers that are nit picking the iPhones features, capabilities and selection of Cingular as a network provider to try to support the position that the product will fail.

I subscribe to the position that the iPhone is revolutionary and is an indicator that Apple will bring this forward as a platform with huge adoption by the masses as a result.

When I tire of reading the thin and cursory analysis presented by most of the Apple and Apple related technology ‘pundits’, I often rehome my browser to www.roughlydrafted.com a blog authored by Daniel Eran a consultant and technical writer in San Francisco CA. He is insightful and well written and most importantly his analysis is well thought out and referenced.

In the area of the iPhone faults, Daniel has written a piece called the Ten Myths of the iPhone. It is well worth reading. I refer you there and suspect that after you read this and a few of his other works roughlydrafted will be on your regular Internet stops for well constructed technical articles.

Macworld: Ten Myths of the Apple iPhone

Beware the Universal Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit

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The “Universal Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit” may sound humourous but it is far from it. This toolkit recently found online by RSA Security fraud detection personnel allows fraud perpetrators to set up an attack that can net your passwords and personal info.

Using this framework toolkit criminals can fairly easily set up a site online that essentially screenscrapes a legitimate site like your bank. When you click on a bogus link you might find in an e-mail you go to the site that in fact looks and acts just like the actual banking site. Your data is captured when you authenticate and interact with the site.

The perps are getting more sophisticated so as they used to say on ‘Hill Street Blues’ - “Be careful out there!”

27B Stroke 6 Universal Man-in-the-Middle Phishing Kit

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