Windows Vista 3rd Rate product & Marketing fiasco

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Now that the formal consumer launch of Microsoft Vista (formerly Longhorn) has occurred the feedback on the launch is building. The common opinion is that the Launch was a failure for three basic reasons:

1) The product is weak. According to Computerworld “Microsoft is losing consumer operating system market share to Apple for many reasons, but most of those reasons can be oversimplified thus: Mac OS is simple, and Windows is complicated.” Information Week says that “Mac OS X Shines In Comparison With Windows Vista” based on a head to head review.

2) The Market today is not like it was in 1995 when the release of Windows 95 seemed so important.

3) The Launch it self was confusing with a vast majority of users confused and rightly so with what version of the product might be right for them and whether it will even work on their existing PC.

Overall it has become abundantly clear that Vista is yet another warmed over NT version with Mac like eyecandy grafted on. Ballmer and crew must believe that customers are fairly stupid to believe that they will be fooled by this effort to put lipstick on a pig.

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