Windows Expert abandons Windows for Mac

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In early November, Scot Finnie Computerworld’s Online Editorial Director started a three month test of the Mac. Scot has been a technology journalist, reviewer, and editor for more than 20 years. He’s also the author of Scot’s Newsletter. Finnie specializes in operating systems, client software, mobile hardware, personal tech, and the Internet.

He had been involved with testing Vista for months and was frankly getting quite disenchanted with the future of Microsoft’s flagship product. In his own words, “I’ve found myself increasingly disturbed by the many ways Microsoft is willing to erode the overall user experience, in most cases in the name of boosting its bottom line.

Given this situation, he decided that it was time to immerse himself in the alternate platform that is Mac OS X. He documents his experience in a three part series on Computerworld. where he intended to try the Mac for three months.

The three month test period is over now and Scot has concluded that he is no longer willing to use the handicapped software that is Microsoft Windows as his primary system. In fact he goes so far as to suggest that: “After living with the Mac for three months and comparing it to my Vista experiences, the choice is crystal clear… I am now recommending the Macintosh for business and home users.

Scot is clearly an unbiased expert willing to admit that he was just unaware of the full benefit and value of the Mac as opposed to Windows. In speaking about the usability of the two platforms he points out, “Microsoft’s marketing materials for a past version of Windows used the phrase, “It just works.” But the only computer that tagline honestly describes is the Macintosh… When Mac users say, “It just works,” what they mean is that you spend more time on your work, and a lot less time working on your computer.

Scot’s sage advice for all the Windows users is “If you give the Mac three months, as I did, you won’t go back either.

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