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As predicted there has been a flurry of response to Apple CEO (Steve Jobs) open letter suggesting that DRM schemes be dropped on Music and Video for the benefit of consumers. it has been an interesting two weeks with the interested parties all chiming in on the topic in a predictable and self serving manner:

Edgar Bronfman (Warner Music Group chief executive) - said in a conference call with analysts that Jobs’ stance is “completely without logic or merit.” “We advocate the continued … protection of our and our artists’ intellectual property,” Read as: we want to continue to hamper users from using the content they bought and paid for on multiple devices unless they buy it multiple times.

Michael Robertson, founder of music download site www.mp3.com - indicated that he is not convinced of Jobs’ good intentions until Apple embraces an open business model. Specifically he calls for Apple to “open the doors for iTunes software to work seamlessly with other stores. This would promote users to buy MP3.com content without any investment on the part of MP3.com in support of the iTunes software. (How altruistic)

Fred Amoroso (Macrovision CEO) - published a letter indicating that DRM is good for consumers and promotes content. I guess you could expect that from the CEO of a company whose entire business is to provide copy protection and DRM.

Let’s face it DRM is the Music and Video industries way to tell you flat out that they think the consumers in general are criminals. They believe that users will continue to put up with this untenable situation where you buy some content and have little flexibility in where and how to use it.

Perhaps if the various players in this space would spend some time understanding the issues they wouldn’t sound so self serving and silly. For a good explanation of Apple’s Fairplay DRM and the impacts of Apple broadly licensing the technology there is a recent article in RoughlyDrafted.com that is well worth the read. My opinion is that until the fat cat Music and Video execs wise up the P2P network technologies will continue to be quite a hot area of use and development.

The DRM Battle: Macrovision%u2019s Response To Steve Jobs - Tech News

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