Ballmer questions Google business strategy

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Yet again Steve Ballmer is demonstrating how even a moron can run a monopoly. Steve is confused as so how Google is making money. He points out how over and over Microsoft has remade itself to move forward and how Google is still ad revenue driven. In point of fact Steve knows his time is short. Microsoft is rapidly becoming irrelevant and they took one giant step in this direction by releasing Vista.

As far as Ballmer’s babbling about remaking the company, someone should point out to Steve that being a desktop OS monopoly then becoming a monopoly in Office suites by leveraging that OS Monopoly is not two separate business directions. Nor is it a change in business to leverage your desktop monopoly to try to monopolize the server market. You really need to study the term business model before you make comments denigrating another company’s approach.

Perhaps Steve B. meant to point out how Google is making money hand over fist and hasn’t screwed outright any of it’s business partners that certainly is a different strategy than Microsoft’s approach. In all areas of Microsoft’s product and services capabilities not specifically leveraged by the desktop monopoly they are hemoraging cash. (Windows CE, X-Box, MSN, Zune and the list goes on …)

Being condecending is annoying in virtually every instance. Ballmer should note that trying to appear condescending when you don’t have a basic grasp of what the competition is doing doesn’t make them look bad. It does however point out clearly that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Ballmer questions Google’s business strategy

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