Microsoft security guru says Vista Bugs are less of a problem

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Michael Howard, a senior security program manager in Microsoft’s security engineering group says the vulnerabilities in Vista are less serious than the same issue in XP. Michael is trying to make a point that with all the redundant and troublesome security in Vista as opposed to XP the problems should be viewed as less of an issue.

The problem with Mr. Howard’s perspective is that the issues and possible hacks are equivalent. If a hacker can gain control of your Windows system and steal all you passwords before erasing your hard drive that’s a serious OS flaw (and Windows has tons of these vulnerabilties). Whether on Vista or XP the problem would seem to rate as serious in my book.

My guess is that Michael needs to have his machine wiped clean a couple of times and filled with Malware before he gets it. Maybe he just needs to get a mac and forget the whole crap fest that is Windows?

Microsoft security guru wants Vista bugs rated less serious

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