Leveraging the best Ad Ever

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While the original Ridley Scott commercial has been widely hailed as the best commercial ever made it was only played once as a TV ad during the Superbowl. Since it has been played 10’s (if not 100’s) of millions of times online. Recently an anonymously posted video showed up on You Tube. The video uses most of the original but recasts the droning big brother figure with Hillary Clinton. (How appropriate!) The final message is related to how Barack Obama will make this election cycle different than the prior cycle with a Clinton running.

The blogosphere and media has been on fire analyzing how this rogue video demonstrates that with the new world order (the power of the individual using the Internet as distribution mechanism) individuals or unaffiliated groups can have a major impact on the messaging around politics without the control or consent of the politicians or their organizations.

Take a look for yourself and compare the original Apple 1984 commercial with the politically aimed mashup.

The Mashup

The Original

Update: The forces of Hillary have come blazing back with a response to the creative coup of the 1984/Hillary mashup. Unfortunately for Clinton the response is just a piss poor rehash of the exactly the same ad but with Obama in place of the talking Hillary in the commercial. The lack of imagination demonstrates the fact that Hillary supporters are less than bright. In addition to the creative drought in the Hillary response. the lack of poor quality of editting of this response is laughable. The result is that the response video is so lame it just calls more attention to the creative and well done original Anti-Hillary ad. Check out the Hillary response video for yourself:

The Lame Imitation

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