The iPhone: is here and it Rocks!

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When the iPhone finally went on sale at 6pm last night lines were around the block at most AT&T and Apple stores. The hype has been a bit much even for me and I knew this was a game changing device at it’s introduction in January. But the jury has returned it’s verdict and that validates that regardless of who you are you will want one. I suspect that even Steve Ballmer desires to own one. He will certainly never say so but deep down he knows that in his dreams he would spend many times the price of the actual phone just for the priviledge to have one combined with the opportunity to shed his role as the Apple bashing Microsoft rant master for a few hours of bliss with the device that will change the world’s expectations overnight.

I believe it’s summed up best by Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe in her article yesterday:

“After the relentless buildup of the past six months, the temptation to trash Apple Inc.’s new iPhone is pretty much irresistible.

If only I could.

The iPhone is exactly as cool as you’ve heard, and then some. For it’s not just cool; this phone is important, in the same way that Apple’s first Macintosh computer was important. The Mac showed us a better way to interact with computers, and forced the entire industry to follow its lead.

Here we go again.

Lots of phones have music players and Web browsers, and there’s this clever Korean phone with a video screen on a hinge, which changes into wide-screen mode like one of those Transformer robots you played with as a kid. But these other phones look like high-school science fair gadgets compared to the iPhone, an elegant marvel that even a hype-weary journalist has to love.”

The iPhone is a machine of unequaled quality and functionality. Steve jobs and Apple have done it again. I thank you and the world thanks you.

The iPhone: A gadget even a hype-weary journalist can love - The Boston Globe


VOTE RUDY!—Guest Post

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A Judge abusing the courts in DC

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A DC Administrative Law Judge is suing a dry cleaners in DC for $65 Million dollars for a pair of pants they lost in 2002. Roy Pearson a lawyer and Judge in DC is acting as his own attorney is pissing away the Washington DC tax dollars bringing a case so lame that it would even embarrass John Edwards.

The mere fact a case like this can be brought to the DC courts provides an alarming example of how screwed up our Judicial system has become. Roy Pearson should be disbarred from the court and lose his job for being involved with something so unbalanced and wasteful.

Perhaps at some point the folks in congress will stop pandering to their respective Parties’ base with meaningless legislation and realize they need to work on some serious legal reform.

When a hardworking people in America have to put up with frivolous lawsuits from worthless lawyers with nothing but time on their hands it is a travesty! In fact it should be a criminal offense to waste taxpayers money on such clearly baseless legal efforts.

Marc Fisher - Lawyer’s Price For Missing Pants: $65 Million - washingtonpost.com

Update: June 13th

Roy Pearson’s case is being heard in the DC courts today and yesterday he broke down and sobbed like a baby in open court. He has dropped the amount of the legal suit to only $54 Million in damages (heartbreak and suffering) but the case is a foolish and wasteful as it was when I created the original post in April.

The tears were prompted by Pearson’s emotions welling up during the trial as he recalled the point at which the cleaners called him in to present him with his pants which had turned up. As noted in the Wall Street Journal Online:

“The cleaner’s lawyer, Christopher Manning, described Pearson as embittered, having emerged from recent divorce with financial problems and having held a grudge against the cleaners from a prior run-in. When did Pearson cry? Here, as described by the WaPo:

… but as he came to the part about when Soo Chung (Owner of the dry cleaner) finally told him she had found the missing pants, the tale of the $10.50 alteration that went awry proved to be too much.

“These are not my pants,” Pearson recalled telling Chung when she handed him a pair of gray pants with cuffs. “I have in my adult life, with one exception, never worn pants with cuffs.”

“And she said, ‘These are your pants.’ ”

Pearson paused. He struggled to breathe deeply. He could not continue. Pearson blurted a request for a break, stood up, turned around and walked out of the courtroom, tears dripping from his full and reddened eyes.”

Final Update (June 25): The case was dismissed by Judge Judith Bartnoff overseeing it in the DC Courts and the Cleaners were awarded court costs. Additionally the National Labor Relations Board has called for Mr Pearson to be debarred so that he can no longer serve as a judge. This case has made a mockery of the US legal system and hopefully will prompt some actions on behalf of lawmakers to prevent such frivolous cases from being brought in the future.



Democrats Are the Real Racists - Guest Post

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There is a HUGE misconception that the Democrats are the voice of minorities in this country and that Republicans support policies that hurt minorities. That is an assertion that is driven by the liberal media in this country. The real truth is that democrats like to over hype the problem of racism to get votes and actually enable racism in this country so they can site a problem when appealing to minority voters. I am not trying to deny that racism still is a problem in the United States, but it is not as prevalent as the far left and specifically democrats will lead you to think. The truth is there are more racist democrats than republicans in the history of this country.

For example, President Clinton’s political hero, who till this day he speaks highly off, is a former senator by the name of J. William Fulbright. Senator Fulbright was a Southern Democrat and a staunch multilateralist who supported racial segregation. He also worked to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Senator Fulbright was as racist a person as they come, and he was a big voice of the democratic party. Anyone who considers this man a political hero cannot call himself “The First Black President” or a person who cares about minorities.

Another example is former Vice President Al Gore’s father, Al Gore, Sr. Al Gore, Sr also voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The truth is that Civil Rights in this country was initiated by Republicans. More republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than democrats, and if weren’t for Republicans, that act would have never passed.

The reason Republicans are deemed racist is because they support equality for all. Republicans are against programs that counter-act racism of one group by being racist to another group, or as I like to call it, Affirmative Action. What Republican leaders hope to achieve is a society that rewards ALL people who work hard and show ambition and not a welfare state society where people are dependant on the government for everything.

The reason the Democrats so badly want you to believe that there is racism out there is for votes. A classic example is with Democrat, Mike Nifong, the DA of Durham Country. As you all may know, 3 White Duke lacrosse players were accused of rape by an African American woman. Even though there was zero evidence against these 3 players, Mike Nifong hyped up the charges through the media and called these players racist, because he wanted to capture the African American vote in Durham country. It was later found out that he withheld exculpatory evidence, lied to the courts and the media, and ruined the lives of 3 students all to get re-elected. The Duke Lacrosse case is a classic example of what a democrat will do to create racism that is not there to get votes.


And Verizon says - Oops!

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With the Apple iPhone ship date just 2 weeks away it is clear that AT&T will be snatching customers from the other wireless carriers just due to the fact that they have the iPhone. With over 18M people expressing considerable interest in having an iPhone even if it means switching wireless carrier the product will be a huge success and AT&T will be the primary beneficiary.

Verizon was initially approached by Apple to be the carrier for the phone. They declined based on Apple’s demands that they change certain aspects of their service to benefit the iPhone users. At this point however Verizon has to be bracing themselves for the rush of customers towards the door when iPhone launches. “Can You Hear me now?”

I personally know of dozens of current Verizon customers who will be acquiring an iPhone within days of launch despite the fact they will need to move their service to AT&T. It was foolish for the carriers (in particular Verizon) to believe that people actually value the carrier as opposed to the functionality of the device they choose to access the service. For a clear example of how network doesn’t matter just look at Internet Access. People care about their system (Mac, PC, etc.) not the way they access the network. This has resulted in cutthroat competition to somehow acquire customers for Comcast, Verizon, Earthlink and others because the network doesn’t matter. If it works one carrier is as good as another.

Keep watching as the realization dawns on Verizon that they have made a huge blunder. I predict that they will be paying a large sum to AT&T in a couple of years to remove the exclusivity clause from Apple’s contract just to get iPhone available to users that would prefer their network for one reason or other but not enough to use a lesser device on the Verizon network.

Is iPhone AT&T’s Magic Bullet? - WSJ.com


iTunes - A Beachhead to the living room

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iTunes is the defacto standard Jukebox software in the world. It’s ready availability and tight integration with ipod coupled with the excellent quality in design and stability have made resulted in 300 Million copies of the software installed. With over 90% of the installations on Windows this provides a platform beachhead that will open the value of Apple TV as a quick and inexpensive ($289 at costco) step to take to access their photo, music and video libraries on the Television.

Walt Mossberg says it well in his article on Wall Street Journal Online: (requires subscription) Personal Technology - WSJ.com

“… in the past few years, Apple has mounted a sneak attack on the Windows world. Its weapon has been the Windows version of iTunes, the free media organizing, recording and playback program that most people think of as just a companion to Apple’s iPod music and video players. I think of iTunes as the most subversive software on the Windows computer, not because it does users any harm or does anything underhanded, but because it is allowing Apple to subvert, from inside, Microsoft’s dominant platform position.”


Get ready for the summer of Apple - Tech News on ZDNet

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Apple Logo

I often take issue with ZDNet articles because they are frequently repeating the unfounded mantra of Microsoft. In this case though, I believe that Tom Krazit at ZDNet has left the sate of the sleepwalking traditional pundits and has come to realize that Apple is positioned for immense success in it’s transition to a consumer electronics and home entertainment.

Get ready for the summer of Apple | Tech News on ZDNet


Apple - iPhone - TV Ads

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iphone in hand

The Apple iPhone shipping June 29th. Want one? You will after you look at these three new TV ads.


Apple - iPhone - TV Ads

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