The iPhone: is here and it Rocks!

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When the iPhone finally went on sale at 6pm last night lines were around the block at most AT&T and Apple stores. The hype has been a bit much even for me and I knew this was a game changing device at it’s introduction in January. But the jury has returned it’s verdict and that validates that regardless of who you are you will want one. I suspect that even Steve Ballmer desires to own one. He will certainly never say so but deep down he knows that in his dreams he would spend many times the price of the actual phone just for the priviledge to have one combined with the opportunity to shed his role as the Apple bashing Microsoft rant master for a few hours of bliss with the device that will change the world’s expectations overnight.

I believe it’s summed up best by Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe in her article yesterday:

“After the relentless buildup of the past six months, the temptation to trash Apple Inc.’s new iPhone is pretty much irresistible.

If only I could.

The iPhone is exactly as cool as you’ve heard, and then some. For it’s not just cool; this phone is important, in the same way that Apple’s first Macintosh computer was important. The Mac showed us a better way to interact with computers, and forced the entire industry to follow its lead.

Here we go again.

Lots of phones have music players and Web browsers, and there’s this clever Korean phone with a video screen on a hinge, which changes into wide-screen mode like one of those Transformer robots you played with as a kid. But these other phones look like high-school science fair gadgets compared to the iPhone, an elegant marvel that even a hype-weary journalist has to love.”

The iPhone is a machine of unequaled quality and functionality. Steve jobs and Apple have done it again. I thank you and the world thanks you.

The iPhone: A gadget even a hype-weary journalist can love - The Boston Globe

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