AC/DC cuts off their nose to spite their face

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To date the 80’s rock and roll band AC/DC has denied the existance of Digital Music as a market. Only now is the band got even a tenuous grip on reality. Apparently they are still in semi denial as to how the market works. They have taken a bizarre step in selling their catalog inline in the form of an 8 month exclusive contract with Verizon (Huh?). The arrangement they struck for the 8 month exclusive period with Verizon is going to be a dry spell for their online sales. Verizon is only selling the music at it’s online store (not over the air) and only in complete albums for $11.99. After using your computer to download the album conceivably you could move the music to your Verizon mobile phone. How much work does the band believe people will perform to buy a copy of music for which they probably already have license for in the form of a CD or Vinyl. (Consider this: “Amazon.com Inc. sells the band’s “Back in Black” CD for $9.97” why would you want to work s hard to get the music and pay 20% more to boot?) Any potential new AC/DC converts will be turned off not only by the amount of effort required and the onerous whole album limitation.

I surmise that after the dismal 8 month exclusive period with dismal if any sales; AC/DC members will awaken from their drug induced coma and put the catalog on iTunes by the song like it should be. I might buy a song or two when that happens but only if they ‘get a clue’ in a hurry.

If the band dwells in the fog too long thinking about whether to provide their musical IP in a form that is convenient for me and the some 100 million fellow iPod owners they may miss the boat. I have been thinking about that fact that my wife and I have some of their songs on vinyl and given the state of P to P today do they really need me as a repeat customer for songs I already have licensed? …”Hum?”

Digital-Music Holdout AC/DC Spurns iTunes, Signs WithVerizon - WSJ.com

ITunes Sells 3 Billionth Song

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iTunes Logo

Apple announced today that it had sold over 3 Billion songs through the iTunes store. Recently ranked as the third largest Music retailer in the US it is clear that Apple is as they say in the music biz “Number three with a bullet!”

ITunes Surpasses 3 Billion Songs Sold - washingtonpost.com


Brett Arends of TheStreet.com - A mobile phone costs $17K in my world

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According to some dimwitted analysis by TheStreet.com the true cost of buying an iPhone is $17,670. Is Brett Arends onto something the public is unaware of or is he just a clueless link monger? You be the judge.

According to Brett the true cost of the device is not only the price and that of the plan for two years ($2,039.00) but should include the income tax you had to pay to afford the phone in the first place. Who in the their right mind calculates cost this way? What is the real cost of a Double Cheeseburger at McDonalds? (Oh wait let me determine my tax bracket before I figure that out.)

Beyond that Brett suggests that if you were to invest that $2,720 (real cost over two years plus taxes on the original income) in your 401K over the next 35 years you could expect to yield $17,670. (Hey Brett who besides one of your cretinous readers hasn’t already maxed out their 401K?)

Is Brett really that short sighted that he would forgo a mobile phone for 35 years? As laid concisely out by Daniel Eran Dilger at RoughlyDrafted as he neatly flayed Brett’s weakminded arguments “How about telling us how much we’ll save by not driving a vehicle or not living indoors, too? I bet we’d be able to leave lots of money to our grandkids if we just worked hard and lived under a bridge for forty years with a maxed out 401(k).”

‘TheStreet.com ’ is not to be taken seriously. Apparently it is not any more a worthwhile financial website than Judge Judy is a respectable legal figure.

The True Cost of an iPhone? Try $17,670 - Almost News & Anal Staring - Belly Button pondering & Poor Advice - AAPL - AAPL


Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes

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The Universal Music Group of Vivendi has decided to push back on Apple and is considering removing it’s music catalog from the iTunes music store.

Consumers should see this for exactly what it is, ‘a slap in the face’. Universal wants to charge more for it’s songs than the flat 99ยข that is the standard at the iTunes store today.

Universal is considering a risky step since iTunes is the third largest music reseller and by far the number one digital music sales channel. If Universal removes it’s songs from iTunes it will give many consumers cause to consider that perhaps they should just download the Universal songs they want using Bit Torrent or Limewire/GNUtella (exactly what most were doing prior to iTunes) and then import these into the iTunes client on their computers so they can listen to them on their 100 Million iPods.

Universal may learn the hard way that consumers don’t want the record companies telling them how to get their music and what devices on which to listen to them.

Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes - New York Times

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