Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes

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The Universal Music Group of Vivendi has decided to push back on Apple and is considering removing it’s music catalog from the iTunes music store.

Consumers should see this for exactly what it is, ‘a slap in the face’. Universal wants to charge more for it’s songs than the flat 99ยข that is the standard at the iTunes store today.

Universal is considering a risky step since iTunes is the third largest music reseller and by far the number one digital music sales channel. If Universal removes it’s songs from iTunes it will give many consumers cause to consider that perhaps they should just download the Universal songs they want using Bit Torrent or Limewire/GNUtella (exactly what most were doing prior to iTunes) and then import these into the iTunes client on their computers so they can listen to them on their 100 Million iPods.

Universal may learn the hard way that consumers don’t want the record companies telling them how to get their music and what devices on which to listen to them.

Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes - New York Times

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