Zune Music Store supplier trashes iTunes in Forbes

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Forbes Magazine was once perceived as a reputable and trusted publication. Their position as a source of the truth was lost.

In the latest issue of Forbes they provide a soapbox for Alan McGlade, the CEO of MediaNet Digital. His company is a large supplier to the Zune Marketplace and other Microsoft media stores. Without disclosing this clearly biased perspective Fortune gave McGlade pages on which to spew unfounded and incorrect conclusions and bile.

Daniel Eran Dilger is the writer at one of my favorite tech sites “Roughly Drafted”. He has written a great piece pointing out the actual facts and analyzing and unwinding the article authored by McGlade in Forbes.

If you a reader of Roughly Drafted this a piece you can’t miss. If you are not yet a follower of Daniel’s work and have technical curiosity and want the unvarnished truth let this be your first encounter at Roughly Drafted.

Daniel’s articles are factual and interesting with a good balance of humor and depth. For example, Lately I have been seeing some trolls on Blogs and discussions where Apple is described as the new Microsoft. Alan McGlade uses his free ride from Forbes to spout this crap. As Daniel points out in his article:

“McGlade then describes Apple as the Orwellian “Big Brother of the digital music scene.” In case you didnt get the memo thats being passed around by every flack in the business of shilling, Apple is the New Microsoft, and so consumers should revile the company and flee to the safe harbor of Microsoft, which is now, logically, less of a Microsoft than Apple.”

Now that’s funny!

Well in summary enjoy the article at Roughly Drafted and don’t waste good money on Forbes.

Roughly Drafted Article


Apple Sells One Millionth iPhone

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In 74 days Apple has sold 1 Million iPhones. With the recent price reduction they ought to be a part of everyones wish list.

Pam and I each have one and they are awesome in capabilities and ease of use. We would recommend it to anyone we know.

Apple Sells One Millionth iPhone


Democratic Fundraiser - Captured

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So I find it fascinating that the media has a choice story full of criminal behavoir, large sums of cash and current political leaders and keeps it all below the fold. Norm Hsu a leading Democratic Insider and Donor is captured and arrested in CO and there is virtually not a ripple in the media. There is one story at the SF Chronical that discusses Hsu’s capture and at the bitter end of the article finally surfaces the facts:

“The size and scope of Hsu’s contributions made him one of the party’s largest individual contributors. While he gave $23,000 to Clinton and $7,000 to Obama, he also gave $62,000 to New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, $50,000 to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, and $50,000 to the New York State Democratic Party.

His contributions also included $38,000 to the Tennessee Democratic Party, $750 to Newsom, $1,250 to San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, and $3,500 to the 25th Ward Democratic Organization in Chicago.

and that he was a longtime criminal;

“In the 1991-92 grand theft case, Hsu was charged with bilking about 20 investors, including his ex-girlfriend, out of about $1 million in connection with a business that was supposed to provide latex gloves to another firm - only no gloves were ever bought or sold, prosecutors said.”

Fugitive fundraiser Hsu captured in Colorado

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