Democratic Fundraiser - Captured

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So I find it fascinating that the media has a choice story full of criminal behavoir, large sums of cash and current political leaders and keeps it all below the fold. Norm Hsu a leading Democratic Insider and Donor is captured and arrested in CO and there is virtually not a ripple in the media. There is one story at the SF Chronical that discusses Hsu’s capture and at the bitter end of the article finally surfaces the facts:

“The size and scope of Hsu’s contributions made him one of the party’s largest individual contributors. While he gave $23,000 to Clinton and $7,000 to Obama, he also gave $62,000 to New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, $50,000 to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, and $50,000 to the New York State Democratic Party.

His contributions also included $38,000 to the Tennessee Democratic Party, $750 to Newsom, $1,250 to San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris, and $3,500 to the 25th Ward Democratic Organization in Chicago.

and that he was a longtime criminal;

“In the 1991-92 grand theft case, Hsu was charged with bilking about 20 investors, including his ex-girlfriend, out of about $1 million in connection with a business that was supposed to provide latex gloves to another firm - only no gloves were ever bought or sold, prosecutors said.”

Fugitive fundraiser Hsu captured in Colorado

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