Drunken Woman Pockets some Fudge in Annapolis

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In early August, Catherine Delgado a Greenbelt native was caught in Annapolis drunk with pockets filled with fudge. Catherine was in an Annapolis Hotel lobby complaining of a sexual assault when officers on the scene noticed she had pounds of fudge (rocky road flavor) bulging out of her pockets.

The police officers were unable to find any support for her claim of assault and determined that her claim was unfounded. Upon investigation they found a nearby fudge shop had been broken into and a large quantity of display fudge was missing. Later viewing of the surveillance video at the shop showed the inebriated woman stuffing her pockets and face with fudge.

When she realized that the police were checking to see where she might have come across the ‘pocket fudge’ she ran off to the bathroom in the hotel lobby and clogged the toilet trying to rid herself of the evidence.

Justice triumphed with Catherine’s arrest and she was held on charges of burglary with a $100,000 bond.

Late Visit to Fudge Shop Has Bitter Ending for Suspect

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