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My wife and I have watched Boston Liberal (I mean Legal) since the show aired in late 2004. We always felt the show was decidedly liberal but the comedy aspects kept us reasonably interested. Last week’s episode (The Chicken and the Leg) went too far in our opinion and we have now deleted the season pass in Tivo and will watch no more. This particular episode is an example of bad judgement and taste.

Two cases in this episode drove us over the edge in terms of accepting BL as entertainment.

First there was the case in which Alan Shore sues a school on behalf of a 15 year old who contracted AIDs from unprotected sex. In the courtroom Alan attacks the school system for promoting abstinence rather than condoms while the girls parents sit quickly in the gallery. It sits as a prime example of the liberal perspective that we always must blame someone else of our actions (typical democratic crap). In this case the parents who apparently did not supervise nor educate their 15 year old child are viewed as innocent bystanders while the school system is vilified as somehow the cause of this young girls inappropriate behavior. Sex at 15? Did the kid or the parents have no communication and feel a total lack of responsibility?

The second case is incredibly even more liberal leaning. A suit is brought against a psychologist by the wife of a man who committed suicide. Apparently trying to help someone work through their personal issues related to his grief over his fathers death is grounds for malpractice. Mentally ill people need help but when they kill themselves without warning watch out for those liberal lawyers.

Boston Legal positions the responsibility solely on the Doctor this ill man sought out for counsel once a week while leaving his spouse who should have seen this coming if anyone could have blameless.

I bid a not so fond farewell to Boston Legal as I will not be seeing it again. I can say one thing for sure is aside from the liberal crap which I detest; I will not miss Denny Crane and Alan Shore’s bizarre man love scenes on the balcony either. These went well beyond sensitive and straight to weird.

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