Computerworld: Leopard spanks Vista

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After detailed and painstaking analysis of Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Microsoft Vista, Computerworld declares Leopard the hands down winner in terms of ease of use, functionality and robustness.

Specifically Computerworld says; “There’s really no contest. Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) is a better OS than Vista, and there are no long-term downsides to Leopard (Mac OS 10.5). Vista doesn’t measure up.”

Maybe it’s time for Windows oriented businesses and users to investigate a superior alternative in OS X.

Comic on versions of Vista

The verdict: Leopard spanks Vista, continues OS X’s reign of excellence There’s really no contest. Tiger is a better OS than Vista, and there are no long-term downsides to Leopard. Vista doesn’t measure up.


Movable Animals assembled from Scrap

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A recent article in Wired Magazine covered a ‘creative recycler’. Ann Smith (and yes there is only one) assembles movable animal sculpture from old electronics and mechanical devices. She then can using stop motion photography assemble clips of them running or moving as appropriated for the animal.

There are clips of two galloping horses and, a walking T-Rex. Take a look it’s interesting.

Tossed-Out Electronics Are Reincarnated as Stop-Mo Animal Bots

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