Windows Collapsing under its own Weight

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Gartner Group analysts (Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald) at a conference in Las Vegas presented a bleak picture of future for Microsoft Windows. During their presentation titled “Windows Is Collapsing: How What Comes Next Will Improve”indicated in no uncertain terms that Vista is a bloated and backward operating system and Microsoft must get in touch with market realities and ditch Vista and start anew. They may be too late they said “For Microsoft, its ecosystem and its customers, the situation is untenable.”

McDonald and Silver also stated that Microsoft Windows is a disaster for small platforms like handhelds and mobile phones, “Apple introduced its iPhone running OS X, but Microsoft requires a different product on handhelds because Windows Vista is too large, which makes application development, support and the user experience all more difficult.” They confirmed that Windows is becoming irrelevant and must start with a clean sheet of paper to stay a player when they said, “Windows as we know it must be replaced”


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