John Montague - Undeniably the World’s best Golfer

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Whether you are a golfer or not the article about a man known in the 1930’s as John Montague is a fascinating read. The article appears in this months Smithsonian magazine. I had never heard of this guy and after reading the story I had to check the magazine cover to be sure it wasn’t the April 1 issue. When you read the article you will certainly agree that this guy was amazing!



Microsoft Zune and NBC to launch Copyright COP

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I am a Tivo owner and frequently convert video recorded by my Tivo so I can watch it on my iPhone on travel and when I have time during the week. According to NBC and Microsoft if I buy a Zune only content purchased off the Zune Marketplace is acceptable to watch on a Zune. So if I had a Zune (a likely as a snowball in hell) the device would prohibit me from watching this legally acquired content.

Like you, I or anyone for that matter wants proven criminal Microsoft and some NBC telling us how and what to watch on devices we paid for with our money! NBC and Microsoft may think they have the right to assume we are guilty until proven innocent but I am voting with my $s and say ‘NO’ to Zune and these ill conceived plans to control me.



Chad Vader - Grocery Store Day Manager

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If you like Star Wars and enjoy comedy then Chad Vader is the online video for you! Check out Episode I right here!

To Se the rest of the series to date visit: http://www.blamesociety.net/chadvader/

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