Pirate Bay - awaiting the verdict

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If you have ever used a BitTorrent client you have probably been to “Pirate Bay”. It is the largest and most up to date site to find shared material in the Internet. Users with BitTorrent that wish to locate video, audio or sofware go to the site and search for what they want or navigate the site to find newly added content. When they locate something they are interested in they download a small file that details what the files are and where they can be found via the BitTorrent client.

The Movie and Music industry brought a legal suit against Pirate Bay in Swedish courts since that is where Pirate Bay is actually located. Whether you know it or not the resolution of this legal question will impact your use of the Internet for file sharing and access for the future. The question is really whether it is legal to provide access to links posted by users that for files that may or may not be copyrighted materials.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Countdown to Pirate Bay verdict

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