Blackberry in Business a handicap as opposed to iPhone (Infoworld)

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A thorough analysis of a ‘state of the art’ Blackberry and the iPhone finds the iPhone far and away a better and more productive platform for the business user. Specifically the evaluation indicates “That original comparison said it was time to bury the BlackBerry; the iPhone OS 3.0 simply piles more dirt onto the grave.”

Bury your corporate supplied Blackberry and get efficient and effective with an iPhone. Even at HP the number of iPhone users is growing daily. Although short sighted management might see this as a problem (given HP makes a poor family of Windows Mobile based phones known as the iPAQ) executive management should recognize that I and my iPhone using peers are far more productive and effective than those HP employees who struggle daily to even make calls with their HP corporate devices.

In short, ditch the blackberry and other iPhone wannabe’s and get the real thing.

Deathmatch rematch: BlackBerry versus iPhone 3.0 | Business Center | iPhone Central | Macworld

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