Wall Street Journal - Pay Multiple times for the same content

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has decided that they want to charge subscribers multiple times for the same information and content. I subscribe to WSJ Online and also used the iPhone mobile app to read the content on my iPhone. Recently I noted that I was unable to read full stories on the iPhone application. Turns out WSJ now has decided that even if you have a print subscription and a subscription to the paper on the web you need to pay yet another fee of $2 per week just to look at the same material on the “Free” iPhone app.

After learning of this I have determined I will not be renewing my online access at all. 1) I have an issue with paying twice for the same thing. If Apple ran iTunes like Dow Jones is charging for WSJ you would have to pay to listen to songs on your computer and pay again when you wanted to take them with you on your iPod. 2) the WSJ mobile app is decidely inferior to other iPhone apps like the New York Times app which is totally free along with the content.

Perhaps in the future WSJ will get a clue and I can revisit my decision.

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