Beaner Pictures Round II

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Due to popular demand Steve Tambini has scanned some additional photos of the days at BT and they are posted for your enjoyment.

BTW: Shouldn’t Steve go in the bowl for wearing this sorority sweatshirt?


Beaners Scanned BT Photos

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I just got an e-mail from Steve Tambini (a former BT president, Fellow Fossil, and Family Man) he went through some old boxes of photos and located some classic photo’s from BT in the 1979-1981 timeframe. He scanned them and sent them to me for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy! Thanks Steve!


Pig Roast Revisited

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Pooles at the Pig Roast

Earlier in the year I posted about the annual Miller Pig Roast. George and Marina Poole sent me some additional pictures of the event and they are now posted for your viewing pleasure.


Leggett Party 2004

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Dan and Alyse finally finished a massive project to rebuild their home (adding a whole floor) and it looks great. To celebrate, they hosted a party at the house. Fun was had by all and many beers were demolished. The crew was actually quite well dressed as you can see.

group of bates

You can view all the pictures here


Pig Roast 2004

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A the risk of sounding old, I will tell you that Miller’s Annual Pig Roast in late summer is well into it’s second decade and I can recall the start of the tradition.

This party has been a hallmark event every year due to it’s uncanny power to drag ‘fossils’ right out of their comfy homes and assemble them for hours in a hedonistic ritual of consumption of Food and Drink. This years event was no slouch in the ‘fossil’ department. Steven J Tambini ‘Beaner’, Chris Andreasen ‘dreasen-noid’, Tim Ursprung ‘T.U.’, Dave ‘oopy’ Evans, George Poole ‘cess’ and many other notables all accounted for in the pictures of the event.

George & Marina Poole Pictures (posted 12/16)

Once again a successful party hosted with style and hundreds of pounds of food. Special thanks to the pig!

Fossils at the PigRoast

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