FBI wants legislative fix on device encryption -FCW

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What are these morons thinking? They could possibly make it illegal for Manufacturers to make phones with strong encryption for sale in the US. That would result in the ability for the Government and Law enforcement to spy on US Citizens leaving them still unable to to see data from foreigners and offshore terrorists. Get a clue! The technology is here. Deal with it!

FBI wants ‘legislative fix’ on device encryption — FCW


Obama WhiteHouse Dinners $5000/Person!

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Dig in Mr. President

Wow, $5000 a plate dinners hosted by the Obama’s on the Taxpayers dime. This is exponentially more than any other President in History. Perhaps this explains the need for tax increases Obama is pitching for.

In any case, clearly Barrack and Michelle are NOT one of us.  Dig in Mr. President the taxpayers are picking up the tab!

Spending on White House dinners soars under Obama | WashingtonExaminer.com


Obama thinks if you don’t agree with him you must be confused

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Obama now has a new explanation as to why the electorate believes he has taken us down the wrong path. According to Barrack if we disagree with his approach and want to vote his congressional cronies out and can’t wait for 2012 to do the same to him we must be so scared as to be deluded.

Mr. President, I am scared. I am scared that if you aren’t stopped soon no-one will be able to put together the United States of Humpty Dumpty back together again after you break it. You should be scared too because “we are pissed off and we won’t take it anymore.

See you in November you socialist!



Wall Street Journal - Pay Multiple times for the same content

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has decided that they want to charge subscribers multiple times for the same information and content. I subscribe to WSJ Online and also used the iPhone mobile app to read the content on my iPhone. Recently I noted that I was unable to read full stories on the iPhone application. Turns out WSJ now has decided that even if you have a print subscription and a subscription to the paper on the web you need to pay yet another fee of $2 per week just to look at the same material on the “Free” iPhone app.

After learning of this I have determined I will not be renewing my online access at all. 1) I have an issue with paying twice for the same thing. If Apple ran iTunes like Dow Jones is charging for WSJ you would have to pay to listen to songs on your computer and pay again when you wanted to take them with you on your iPod. 2) the WSJ mobile app is decidely inferior to other iPhone apps like the New York Times app which is totally free along with the content.

Perhaps in the future WSJ will get a clue and I can revisit my decision.


The Pelosi Healthcare Hijacking

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Along strict party lines, the House voted for a Healthcare proposal sponsored by Nancy Pelosi. It’s fairly clear that the Dems voting for this measure aren’t aware of it’s provisions and how it will damage their constituents.

For a summary of just some of the radical and problematic issues with the legistlation read the piece at the Washington Post.

Betsy McCaugheyWhat the Pelosi Health Care Bill Really Says -WSJ.com


Obama Lies - The American College of Surgeons Responds

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Obama is a Liar!

President Obama has always played ‘fast and loose’ with the truth. This propensity to tell folks what they want to hear without regard to the facts or prior positions or statements propelled Obama to the whitehouse. You can sustain this approach only so long before even the most dense individuals begin the catch on and doubt your sincerity and truth. Our president is at the turning point in my opinion. Only the most mentally challenged among the US population is not at least beginning to suspect that the POTUS is lying to move his ill conceived Heathcare Reform Initiative forward at all costs.

The American College of Surgeons has responded to the inane statements that Obama made recently regarding Doctors and their consideration of financial considerations when practicing medicine.

“Yesterday during a town hall meeting, President Obama got his facts completely wrong. He stated that a surgeon gets paid $50,000 for a leg amputation when, in fact, Medicare pays a surgeon between $740 and $1,140 for a leg amputation. This payment also includes the evaluation of the patient on the day of the operation plus patient follow-up care that is provided for 90 days after the operation. Private insurers pay some variation of the Medicare reimbursement for this service.

Three weeks ago, the President suggested that a surgeon’s decision to remove a child’s tonsils is based on the desire to make a lot of money. That remark was ill-informed and dangerous, and we were dismayed by this characterization of the work surgeons do. Surgeons make decisions about recommending operations based on what’s right for the patient.”

Perhaps the fact that constantly in the legal profession consideration of client well being is trumped by potential personal monetary gain has influenced the Lawyer in chief to believe everyone behaves like lawyers.


Obama clueless on Healthcare

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Our President would like to move forward rapidly on “healthcare reform” and he himself presented concrete evidence he doesn’t have a clue about our current system.

In his prime time news conference on Tuesday he insisted that the reason healthcare costs are rising is due to greed of doctors who perform unnecessary tests and procedures. He slandered the medical profession and indicated their decisions are influenced by fees. He said specifically: “And part of what we want to do is to make sure that those decisions are being made by doctors and medical experts based on evidence, based on what works — because that’s not how it’s working right now. That’s not how it’s working right now. Right now doctors a lot of times are forced to make decisions based on the fee payment schedule that’s out there.

So if they’re looking — and you come in and you’ve got a bad sore throat, or your child has a bad sore throat or has repeated sore throats, the doctor may look at the reimbursement system and say to himself, you know what, I make a lot more money if I take this kid’s tonsils out. Now that may be the right thing to do, but I’d rather have that doctor making those decisions just based on whether you really need your kid’s tonsils out or whether it might make more sense just to change — maybe they have allergies, maybe they have something else that would make a difference.”

Mr. President, you have proven you are in fact absolutely clueless!

When you or your child has a sore throat you would go to a pediatrician or general practitioner. They would make a diagnosis based on the facts. As a generalist they would determine whether they thought your condition (sore throat in this example) was potentially due to Allergies or Tonsillitis. If the pediatrician believed it was tonsillitis (which would require some tests Mr. President not just a look at the “fee schedule”) they would then refer your child to a pediatric surgeon. This primary Doctor is a fundamental check and balance in the complex and functional healthcare system in the United States today.

The fact is that you do not actually understand the basic process for healthcare in the US today or even that pediatrician’s don’t perform surgeries. I suggest we take some time here to get up educated on how things work here in the US system and that until you get a basic handle on how things work you stop your ridiculous comments and accusations.


Obama Debt Increase a Simple Example

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It constantly amazes me that otherwise normal people trust in Obama to deliver the country from bad economic times by spending like a drunken sailor. The rate of increase in the national debt under the Obama administration based purely on the administration’s own estimates is incredible. (and we all know that administration estimates are always more favorable than the actual result.) This simple example demonstrates how the current and anticipated spending by the Obama Administration is far and away faster and will be more damaging than any prior administration in history.


Steve Jobs health is his business not the media

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One thing to be thankful for with respect to the media frenzy about Michael Jacksons untimely and suspicious death is that we aren’t hearing a clamor for detailed info on the health of Steve Jobs.

The SEC has never disciplined a company for a failure to disclose health problems. In part, we all buy, sell and trade on someone’s health without knowing their fates. Sergey Brin or Larry Page, Google’s founders, may be fit as fiddles, but they could get run over tomorrow by a Toyota Prius

Apple/Macintosh - Line Crossed in Demands for Details of Jobs’ Health


Physical Activity Can Reverse Effects of Obesity Gene. Huh?

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fat guys in exercise clothes

A recent study suggests that, “physical activity may reduce the risk of obesity in people with a genetic mutation that predisposes them to high body mass index.” So let me paraphrase this from my perspective as a non-medical type; ‘Exercise can help people be less obese.’ Well, who would have thought that this was possible? :-)

So is there a gene there at all? I suspect that Obese individuals who have no interest in actually being healthy and losing the weight can blame their genetic makeup. While folks who recognize they have some responsibility and control over their weight can exercise and lose the weight. Now everyone is happy.

Physical Activity Can Reverse Effects of Obesity Gene


The lies about Global Warming

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For years now the Global Warming fearmongers have been hard at work blaming a natural and cyclical phenomenon on human activity. Many (in fact most) real scientists dispute the cause and effect relationship that Al Gore and his minions would have you believe exists with respect to Global warming.

To make this misguided deception more tragic and misleading, the social and fiscal costs of their proposed “solutions” to the supposed “problem” are astronomical and are never actually discussed or considered by Global warming wags.

If you would like to get a true account of the reasons for Global warming and other environmental issues go to a site that is popular with scientists and experts in the fields of climate and the environment.


Get off the bandwagon of lies and learn the truth.

CFACT - Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow


Microsoft Zune and NBC to launch Copyright COP

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I am a Tivo owner and frequently convert video recorded by my Tivo so I can watch it on my iPhone on travel and when I have time during the week. According to NBC and Microsoft if I buy a Zune only content purchased off the Zune Marketplace is acceptable to watch on a Zune. So if I had a Zune (a likely as a snowball in hell) the device would prohibit me from watching this legally acquired content.

Like you, I or anyone for that matter wants proven criminal Microsoft and some NBC telling us how and what to watch on devices we paid for with our money! NBC and Microsoft may think they have the right to assume we are guilty until proven innocent but I am voting with my $s and say ‘NO’ to Zune and these ill conceived plans to control me.



Boston Legal: no longer playing in Potomac

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My wife and I have watched Boston Liberal (I mean Legal) since the show aired in late 2004. We always felt the show was decidedly liberal but the comedy aspects kept us reasonably interested. Last week’s episode (The Chicken and the Leg) went too far in our opinion and we have now deleted the season pass in Tivo and will watch no more. This particular episode is an example of bad judgement and taste.

Two cases in this episode drove us over the edge in terms of accepting BL as entertainment.

First there was the case in which Alan Shore sues a school on behalf of a 15 year old who contracted AIDs from unprotected sex. In the courtroom Alan attacks the school system for promoting abstinence rather than condoms while the girls parents sit quickly in the gallery. It sits as a prime example of the liberal perspective that we always must blame someone else of our actions (typical democratic crap). In this case the parents who apparently did not supervise nor educate their 15 year old child are viewed as innocent bystanders while the school system is vilified as somehow the cause of this young girls inappropriate behavior. Sex at 15? Did the kid or the parents have no communication and feel a total lack of responsibility?

The second case is incredibly even more liberal leaning. A suit is brought against a psychologist by the wife of a man who committed suicide. Apparently trying to help someone work through their personal issues related to his grief over his fathers death is grounds for malpractice. Mentally ill people need help but when they kill themselves without warning watch out for those liberal lawyers.

Boston Legal positions the responsibility solely on the Doctor this ill man sought out for counsel once a week while leaving his spouse who should have seen this coming if anyone could have blameless.

I bid a not so fond farewell to Boston Legal as I will not be seeing it again. I can say one thing for sure is aside from the liberal crap which I detest; I will not miss Denny Crane and Alan Shore’s bizarre man love scenes on the balcony either. These went well beyond sensitive and straight to weird.

Boston Legal: The Chicken and the Leg - TV.com


Xbox design flaw Killed a Baby and Microsoft doesn’t care

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Among it’s many other problems, the X-Box is a fire hazard. An Illinois family whose house burned down killing their infant son is now suing Microsoft. Instead of sorrow for building a flawed and dangerous product Microsoft claims the family was at fault for not unplugging the device when they were not using it.

Microsoft shows disregard and malice toward this family even after proof that the fire was due one of the millions of proven faulty X-Box units killed their son. Microsoft is seeking the legal cases’ dismissal and that their legal fees be paid for by the family. This is a company that should be punished for it’s blatant disregard for it’s customers and human life.

How does Balmer even sleep at night? He makes me sick, trying to paint Apple as customer unfriendly for lowering the price of the iPhone while he freely spends for countless legal services to beat down a family that one of his products indisputably killed their infant boy.

Microsoft Says Xbox ‘Abuse’ Led To Fire That Killed Baby — Xbox Lawsuit — InformationWeek


What do you call a man who gets 3 Zune tattoos?

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A “Z-Loser” of course! Give that man a Zune Dock!

Fat Loser with Zune Tatoo

What kind of man gets three Zune tattoos? - Engadget


Zune Music Store supplier trashes iTunes in Forbes

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Forbes Magazine was once perceived as a reputable and trusted publication. Their position as a source of the truth was lost.

In the latest issue of Forbes they provide a soapbox for Alan McGlade, the CEO of MediaNet Digital. His company is a large supplier to the Zune Marketplace and other Microsoft media stores. Without disclosing this clearly biased perspective Fortune gave McGlade pages on which to spew unfounded and incorrect conclusions and bile.

Daniel Eran Dilger is the writer at one of my favorite tech sites “Roughly Drafted”. He has written a great piece pointing out the actual facts and analyzing and unwinding the article authored by McGlade in Forbes.

If you a reader of Roughly Drafted this a piece you can’t miss. If you are not yet a follower of Daniel’s work and have technical curiosity and want the unvarnished truth let this be your first encounter at Roughly Drafted.

Daniel’s articles are factual and interesting with a good balance of humor and depth. For example, Lately I have been seeing some trolls on Blogs and discussions where Apple is described as the new Microsoft. Alan McGlade uses his free ride from Forbes to spout this crap. As Daniel points out in his article:

“McGlade then describes Apple as the Orwellian “Big Brother of the digital music scene.” In case you didnt get the memo thats being passed around by every flack in the business of shilling, Apple is the New Microsoft, and so consumers should revile the company and flee to the safe harbor of Microsoft, which is now, logically, less of a Microsoft than Apple.”

Now that’s funny!

Well in summary enjoy the article at Roughly Drafted and don’t waste good money on Forbes.

Roughly Drafted Article


Details of Larry Craig in the restroom

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Leering Larry Craig

Yesterday, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, went into full denial mode with regard to any wrongdoing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport restroom. Why now deny anything happened at all when in June, he admitted something happened and he was in the wrong.

The Police report from Senator Craig’s restroom encounter with a plain clothes officer tells it all. Apparently the officer was in the restroom doing his business in a stall and was essentially harassed by Craig; who peered into the stall for a couple of minutes then moved to an adjacent stall for a little footsie.

“Larry, you are one strange dude!”

The TPM DOCUMENT COLLECTION - Statement of Ofc.Karsnia re: Arrest of Sen. Craig


AC/DC cuts off their nose to spite their face

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To date the 80’s rock and roll band AC/DC has denied the existance of Digital Music as a market. Only now is the band got even a tenuous grip on reality. Apparently they are still in semi denial as to how the market works. They have taken a bizarre step in selling their catalog inline in the form of an 8 month exclusive contract with Verizon (Huh?). The arrangement they struck for the 8 month exclusive period with Verizon is going to be a dry spell for their online sales. Verizon is only selling the music at it’s online store (not over the air) and only in complete albums for $11.99. After using your computer to download the album conceivably you could move the music to your Verizon mobile phone. How much work does the band believe people will perform to buy a copy of music for which they probably already have license for in the form of a CD or Vinyl. (Consider this: “Amazon.com Inc. sells the band’s “Back in Black” CD for $9.97” why would you want to work s hard to get the music and pay 20% more to boot?) Any potential new AC/DC converts will be turned off not only by the amount of effort required and the onerous whole album limitation.

I surmise that after the dismal 8 month exclusive period with dismal if any sales; AC/DC members will awaken from their drug induced coma and put the catalog on iTunes by the song like it should be. I might buy a song or two when that happens but only if they ‘get a clue’ in a hurry.

If the band dwells in the fog too long thinking about whether to provide their musical IP in a form that is convenient for me and the some 100 million fellow iPod owners they may miss the boat. I have been thinking about that fact that my wife and I have some of their songs on vinyl and given the state of P to P today do they really need me as a repeat customer for songs I already have licensed? …”Hum?”

Digital-Music Holdout AC/DC Spurns iTunes, Signs WithVerizon - WSJ.com


Brett Arends of TheStreet.com - A mobile phone costs $17K in my world

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According to some dimwitted analysis by TheStreet.com the true cost of buying an iPhone is $17,670. Is Brett Arends onto something the public is unaware of or is he just a clueless link monger? You be the judge.

According to Brett the true cost of the device is not only the price and that of the plan for two years ($2,039.00) but should include the income tax you had to pay to afford the phone in the first place. Who in the their right mind calculates cost this way? What is the real cost of a Double Cheeseburger at McDonalds? (Oh wait let me determine my tax bracket before I figure that out.)

Beyond that Brett suggests that if you were to invest that $2,720 (real cost over two years plus taxes on the original income) in your 401K over the next 35 years you could expect to yield $17,670. (Hey Brett who besides one of your cretinous readers hasn’t already maxed out their 401K?)

Is Brett really that short sighted that he would forgo a mobile phone for 35 years? As laid concisely out by Daniel Eran Dilger at RoughlyDrafted as he neatly flayed Brett’s weakminded arguments “How about telling us how much we’ll save by not driving a vehicle or not living indoors, too? I bet we’d be able to leave lots of money to our grandkids if we just worked hard and lived under a bridge for forty years with a maxed out 401(k).”

‘TheStreet.com ’ is not to be taken seriously. Apparently it is not any more a worthwhile financial website than Judge Judy is a respectable legal figure.

The True Cost of an iPhone? Try $17,670 - Almost News & Anal Staring - Belly Button pondering & Poor Advice - AAPL - AAPL


Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes

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The Universal Music Group of Vivendi has decided to push back on Apple and is considering removing it’s music catalog from the iTunes music store.

Consumers should see this for exactly what it is, ‘a slap in the face’. Universal wants to charge more for it’s songs than the flat 99¢ that is the standard at the iTunes store today.

Universal is considering a risky step since iTunes is the third largest music reseller and by far the number one digital music sales channel. If Universal removes it’s songs from iTunes it will give many consumers cause to consider that perhaps they should just download the Universal songs they want using Bit Torrent or Limewire/GNUtella (exactly what most were doing prior to iTunes) and then import these into the iTunes client on their computers so they can listen to them on their 100 Million iPods.

Universal may learn the hard way that consumers don’t want the record companies telling them how to get their music and what devices on which to listen to them.

Universal in Dispute With Apple Over iTunes - New York Times


A Judge abusing the courts in DC

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A DC Administrative Law Judge is suing a dry cleaners in DC for $65 Million dollars for a pair of pants they lost in 2002. Roy Pearson a lawyer and Judge in DC is acting as his own attorney is pissing away the Washington DC tax dollars bringing a case so lame that it would even embarrass John Edwards.

The mere fact a case like this can be brought to the DC courts provides an alarming example of how screwed up our Judicial system has become. Roy Pearson should be disbarred from the court and lose his job for being involved with something so unbalanced and wasteful.

Perhaps at some point the folks in congress will stop pandering to their respective Parties’ base with meaningless legislation and realize they need to work on some serious legal reform.

When a hardworking people in America have to put up with frivolous lawsuits from worthless lawyers with nothing but time on their hands it is a travesty! In fact it should be a criminal offense to waste taxpayers money on such clearly baseless legal efforts.

Marc Fisher - Lawyer’s Price For Missing Pants: $65 Million - washingtonpost.com

Update: June 13th

Roy Pearson’s case is being heard in the DC courts today and yesterday he broke down and sobbed like a baby in open court. He has dropped the amount of the legal suit to only $54 Million in damages (heartbreak and suffering) but the case is a foolish and wasteful as it was when I created the original post in April.

The tears were prompted by Pearson’s emotions welling up during the trial as he recalled the point at which the cleaners called him in to present him with his pants which had turned up. As noted in the Wall Street Journal Online:

“The cleaner’s lawyer, Christopher Manning, described Pearson as embittered, having emerged from recent divorce with financial problems and having held a grudge against the cleaners from a prior run-in. When did Pearson cry? Here, as described by the WaPo:

… but as he came to the part about when Soo Chung (Owner of the dry cleaner) finally told him she had found the missing pants, the tale of the $10.50 alteration that went awry proved to be too much.

“These are not my pants,” Pearson recalled telling Chung when she handed him a pair of gray pants with cuffs. “I have in my adult life, with one exception, never worn pants with cuffs.”

“And she said, ‘These are your pants.’ ”

Pearson paused. He struggled to breathe deeply. He could not continue. Pearson blurted a request for a break, stood up, turned around and walked out of the courtroom, tears dripping from his full and reddened eyes.”

Final Update (June 25): The case was dismissed by Judge Judith Bartnoff overseeing it in the DC Courts and the Cleaners were awarded court costs. Additionally the National Labor Relations Board has called for Mr Pearson to be debarred so that he can no longer serve as a judge. This case has made a mockery of the US legal system and hopefully will prompt some actions on behalf of lawmakers to prevent such frivolous cases from being brought in the future.



Democrats Are the Real Racists - Guest Post

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There is a HUGE misconception that the Democrats are the voice of minorities in this country and that Republicans support policies that hurt minorities. That is an assertion that is driven by the liberal media in this country. The real truth is that democrats like to over hype the problem of racism to get votes and actually enable racism in this country so they can site a problem when appealing to minority voters. I am not trying to deny that racism still is a problem in the United States, but it is not as prevalent as the far left and specifically democrats will lead you to think. The truth is there are more racist democrats than republicans in the history of this country.

For example, President Clinton’s political hero, who till this day he speaks highly off, is a former senator by the name of J. William Fulbright. Senator Fulbright was a Southern Democrat and a staunch multilateralist who supported racial segregation. He also worked to filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Senator Fulbright was as racist a person as they come, and he was a big voice of the democratic party. Anyone who considers this man a political hero cannot call himself “The First Black President” or a person who cares about minorities.

Another example is former Vice President Al Gore’s father, Al Gore, Sr. Al Gore, Sr also voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

The truth is that Civil Rights in this country was initiated by Republicans. More republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than democrats, and if weren’t for Republicans, that act would have never passed.

The reason Republicans are deemed racist is because they support equality for all. Republicans are against programs that counter-act racism of one group by being racist to another group, or as I like to call it, Affirmative Action. What Republican leaders hope to achieve is a society that rewards ALL people who work hard and show ambition and not a welfare state society where people are dependant on the government for everything.

The reason the Democrats so badly want you to believe that there is racism out there is for votes. A classic example is with Democrat, Mike Nifong, the DA of Durham Country. As you all may know, 3 White Duke lacrosse players were accused of rape by an African American woman. Even though there was zero evidence against these 3 players, Mike Nifong hyped up the charges through the media and called these players racist, because he wanted to capture the African American vote in Durham country. It was later found out that he withheld exculpatory evidence, lied to the courts and the media, and ruined the lives of 3 students all to get re-elected. The Duke Lacrosse case is a classic example of what a democrat will do to create racism that is not there to get votes.


Trusted traveler programs expand but not in DC

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The number of airports with programs designed to pre-screen travelers for speedier processing in airport security is expanding. At this point the following airports have or are initiating such programs:

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
Huntsville, Ala.
Little Rock
Newark Liberty Terminal B
New York John F. Kennedy (Terminal 7)
San Jose, Calif.

Why are none of the airports in the DC Metro area involved in standing up such a program? I would certainly appreciate the folks at Dulles recognizing that this type of program is critical for the DC traveler.

Trusted traveler programs grow - USATODAY.com


Ballmer questions Google business strategy

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Yet again Steve Ballmer is demonstrating how even a moron can run a monopoly. Steve is confused as so how Google is making money. He points out how over and over Microsoft has remade itself to move forward and how Google is still ad revenue driven. In point of fact Steve knows his time is short. Microsoft is rapidly becoming irrelevant and they took one giant step in this direction by releasing Vista.

As far as Ballmer’s babbling about remaking the company, someone should point out to Steve that being a desktop OS monopoly then becoming a monopoly in Office suites by leveraging that OS Monopoly is not two separate business directions. Nor is it a change in business to leverage your desktop monopoly to try to monopolize the server market. You really need to study the term business model before you make comments denigrating another company’s approach.

Perhaps Steve B. meant to point out how Google is making money hand over fist and hasn’t screwed outright any of it’s business partners that certainly is a different strategy than Microsoft’s approach. In all areas of Microsoft’s product and services capabilities not specifically leveraged by the desktop monopoly they are hemoraging cash. (Windows CE, X-Box, MSN, Zune and the list goes on …)

Being condecending is annoying in virtually every instance. Ballmer should note that trying to appear condescending when you don’t have a basic grasp of what the competition is doing doesn’t make them look bad. It does however point out clearly that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Ballmer questions Google’s business strategy


Response to Apple position on DRM

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As predicted there has been a flurry of response to Apple CEO (Steve Jobs) open letter suggesting that DRM schemes be dropped on Music and Video for the benefit of consumers. it has been an interesting two weeks with the interested parties all chiming in on the topic in a predictable and self serving manner:

Edgar Bronfman (Warner Music Group chief executive) - said in a conference call with analysts that Jobs’ stance is “completely without logic or merit.” “We advocate the continued … protection of our and our artists’ intellectual property,” Read as: we want to continue to hamper users from using the content they bought and paid for on multiple devices unless they buy it multiple times.

Michael Robertson, founder of music download site www.mp3.com - indicated that he is not convinced of Jobs’ good intentions until Apple embraces an open business model. Specifically he calls for Apple to “open the doors for iTunes software to work seamlessly with other stores. This would promote users to buy MP3.com content without any investment on the part of MP3.com in support of the iTunes software. (How altruistic)

Fred Amoroso (Macrovision CEO) - published a letter indicating that DRM is good for consumers and promotes content. I guess you could expect that from the CEO of a company whose entire business is to provide copy protection and DRM.

Let’s face it DRM is the Music and Video industries way to tell you flat out that they think the consumers in general are criminals. They believe that users will continue to put up with this untenable situation where you buy some content and have little flexibility in where and how to use it.

Perhaps if the various players in this space would spend some time understanding the issues they wouldn’t sound so self serving and silly. For a good explanation of Apple’s Fairplay DRM and the impacts of Apple broadly licensing the technology there is a recent article in RoughlyDrafted.com that is well worth the read. My opinion is that until the fat cat Music and Video execs wise up the P2P network technologies will continue to be quite a hot area of use and development.

The DRM Battle: Macrovision%u2019s Response To Steve Jobs - Tech News

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