iPhone and Flash - a good explaination

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icon Flash on iPhone

Looking for a good high level (non-emotional) explanation of why Apple is keeping Adobe Flash off it’s devices? The story linked below provides an overview and explains why you the user are the benefactor.

Why you don’t want Flash on your iPhone (iPod Touch/iPad)


Festivus Time

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The widely unnoticed Festivus Holiday is approaching. The opportunity to celebrate something without the commerciality of the traditional religious holidays is in keeping with the current economic environment. Learn more about this holiday:


Physical Activity Can Reverse Effects of Obesity Gene. Huh?

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fat guys in exercise clothes

A recent study suggests that, “physical activity may reduce the risk of obesity in people with a genetic mutation that predisposes them to high body mass index.” So let me paraphrase this from my perspective as a non-medical type; ‘Exercise can help people be less obese.’ Well, who would have thought that this was possible? :-)

So is there a gene there at all? I suspect that Obese individuals who have no interest in actually being healthy and losing the weight can blame their genetic makeup. While folks who recognize they have some responsibility and control over their weight can exercise and lose the weight. Now everyone is happy.

Physical Activity Can Reverse Effects of Obesity Gene


Who Said It: Bush or Batman? | Indecision2008 | Comedy Central

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Now this is interesting.

Who Said It: Bush or Batman? | Indecision2008 | Comedy Central


Its A Wonderful Internet (Storybook with Animations)

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Ever wonder what life would be like without the Internet. Ever doubted Al Gore when he told the world that he invented the Internet? If these questions plague you and you like a gripping ;-) story check out the ITSAWONDERFULINTERNET site.



Vista so bad users sad to see XP off the shelves

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It’s incredible that Windows Vista (more than one year after it’s release) is still so bad that users and PC makers alike are sad and frustrated that Windows XP is soon going to be unavailable. Having users yearn to be allowed to buy a 9 year old Operating System is unbelievable and could only occur in a virtual monopoly market.

XP is creaky, insecure and lame relative to Mac OS X and Linux so it’s an embarassment to Microsoft that Vista (in which they sunk billions in development cost) is so reviled.

Microsoft denies XP a last-minute reprieve


John Montague - Undeniably the World’s best Golfer

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Whether you are a golfer or not the article about a man known in the 1930’s as John Montague is a fascinating read. The article appears in this months Smithsonian magazine. I had never heard of this guy and after reading the story I had to check the magazine cover to be sure it wasn’t the April 1 issue. When you read the article you will certainly agree that this guy was amazing!



Chad Vader - Grocery Store Day Manager

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If you like Star Wars and enjoy comedy then Chad Vader is the online video for you! Check out Episode I right here!

To Se the rest of the series to date visit: http://www.blamesociety.net/chadvader/


Drunken Woman Pockets some Fudge in Annapolis

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In early August, Catherine Delgado a Greenbelt native was caught in Annapolis drunk with pockets filled with fudge. Catherine was in an Annapolis Hotel lobby complaining of a sexual assault when officers on the scene noticed she had pounds of fudge (rocky road flavor) bulging out of her pockets.

The police officers were unable to find any support for her claim of assault and determined that her claim was unfounded. Upon investigation they found a nearby fudge shop had been broken into and a large quantity of display fudge was missing. Later viewing of the surveillance video at the shop showed the inebriated woman stuffing her pockets and face with fudge.

When she realized that the police were checking to see where she might have come across the ‘pocket fudge’ she ran off to the bathroom in the hotel lobby and clogged the toilet trying to rid herself of the evidence.

Justice triumphed with Catherine’s arrest and she was held on charges of burglary with a $100,000 bond.

Late Visit to Fudge Shop Has Bitter Ending for Suspect


Fast Food Mascots!

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I guess i had never stopped to think about where food mascot costumes come from. I suspect you haven’t either. I ran across this site for a business that will sell you a costume so you can dress up as a large hot dog or tasty turkey dressed up like a pilgram. These costumes are not cheap by any means with the Turkey running about $1300.

Facemakers Incorporated :: Hot Dogs & Fast Food


Terry Fator Rules

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This guy is great!


AC/DC cuts off their nose to spite their face

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To date the 80’s rock and roll band AC/DC has denied the existance of Digital Music as a market. Only now is the band got even a tenuous grip on reality. Apparently they are still in semi denial as to how the market works. They have taken a bizarre step in selling their catalog inline in the form of an 8 month exclusive contract with Verizon (Huh?). The arrangement they struck for the 8 month exclusive period with Verizon is going to be a dry spell for their online sales. Verizon is only selling the music at it’s online store (not over the air) and only in complete albums for $11.99. After using your computer to download the album conceivably you could move the music to your Verizon mobile phone. How much work does the band believe people will perform to buy a copy of music for which they probably already have license for in the form of a CD or Vinyl. (Consider this: “Amazon.com Inc. sells the band’s “Back in Black” CD for $9.97” why would you want to work s hard to get the music and pay 20% more to boot?) Any potential new AC/DC converts will be turned off not only by the amount of effort required and the onerous whole album limitation.

I surmise that after the dismal 8 month exclusive period with dismal if any sales; AC/DC members will awaken from their drug induced coma and put the catalog on iTunes by the song like it should be. I might buy a song or two when that happens but only if they ‘get a clue’ in a hurry.

If the band dwells in the fog too long thinking about whether to provide their musical IP in a form that is convenient for me and the some 100 million fellow iPod owners they may miss the boat. I have been thinking about that fact that my wife and I have some of their songs on vinyl and given the state of P to P today do they really need me as a repeat customer for songs I already have licensed? …”Hum?”

Digital-Music Holdout AC/DC Spurns iTunes, Signs WithVerizon - WSJ.com


Brett Arends of TheStreet.com - A mobile phone costs $17K in my world

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According to some dimwitted analysis by TheStreet.com the true cost of buying an iPhone is $17,670. Is Brett Arends onto something the public is unaware of or is he just a clueless link monger? You be the judge.

According to Brett the true cost of the device is not only the price and that of the plan for two years ($2,039.00) but should include the income tax you had to pay to afford the phone in the first place. Who in the their right mind calculates cost this way? What is the real cost of a Double Cheeseburger at McDonalds? (Oh wait let me determine my tax bracket before I figure that out.)

Beyond that Brett suggests that if you were to invest that $2,720 (real cost over two years plus taxes on the original income) in your 401K over the next 35 years you could expect to yield $17,670. (Hey Brett who besides one of your cretinous readers hasn’t already maxed out their 401K?)

Is Brett really that short sighted that he would forgo a mobile phone for 35 years? As laid concisely out by Daniel Eran Dilger at RoughlyDrafted as he neatly flayed Brett’s weakminded arguments “How about telling us how much we’ll save by not driving a vehicle or not living indoors, too? I bet we’d be able to leave lots of money to our grandkids if we just worked hard and lived under a bridge for forty years with a maxed out 401(k).”

‘TheStreet.com ’ is not to be taken seriously. Apparently it is not any more a worthwhile financial website than Judge Judy is a respectable legal figure.

The True Cost of an iPhone? Try $17,670 - Almost News & Anal Staring - Belly Button pondering & Poor Advice - AAPL - AAPL


The iPhone: is here and it Rocks!

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When the iPhone finally went on sale at 6pm last night lines were around the block at most AT&T and Apple stores. The hype has been a bit much even for me and I knew this was a game changing device at it’s introduction in January. But the jury has returned it’s verdict and that validates that regardless of who you are you will want one. I suspect that even Steve Ballmer desires to own one. He will certainly never say so but deep down he knows that in his dreams he would spend many times the price of the actual phone just for the priviledge to have one combined with the opportunity to shed his role as the Apple bashing Microsoft rant master for a few hours of bliss with the device that will change the world’s expectations overnight.

I believe it’s summed up best by Hiawatha Bray of the Boston Globe in her article yesterday:

“After the relentless buildup of the past six months, the temptation to trash Apple Inc.’s new iPhone is pretty much irresistible.

If only I could.

The iPhone is exactly as cool as you’ve heard, and then some. For it’s not just cool; this phone is important, in the same way that Apple’s first Macintosh computer was important. The Mac showed us a better way to interact with computers, and forced the entire industry to follow its lead.

Here we go again.

Lots of phones have music players and Web browsers, and there’s this clever Korean phone with a video screen on a hinge, which changes into wide-screen mode like one of those Transformer robots you played with as a kid. But these other phones look like high-school science fair gadgets compared to the iPhone, an elegant marvel that even a hype-weary journalist has to love.”

The iPhone is a machine of unequaled quality and functionality. Steve jobs and Apple have done it again. I thank you and the world thanks you.

The iPhone: A gadget even a hype-weary journalist can love - The Boston Globe


A Judge abusing the courts in DC

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A DC Administrative Law Judge is suing a dry cleaners in DC for $65 Million dollars for a pair of pants they lost in 2002. Roy Pearson a lawyer and Judge in DC is acting as his own attorney is pissing away the Washington DC tax dollars bringing a case so lame that it would even embarrass John Edwards.

The mere fact a case like this can be brought to the DC courts provides an alarming example of how screwed up our Judicial system has become. Roy Pearson should be disbarred from the court and lose his job for being involved with something so unbalanced and wasteful.

Perhaps at some point the folks in congress will stop pandering to their respective Parties’ base with meaningless legislation and realize they need to work on some serious legal reform.

When a hardworking people in America have to put up with frivolous lawsuits from worthless lawyers with nothing but time on their hands it is a travesty! In fact it should be a criminal offense to waste taxpayers money on such clearly baseless legal efforts.

Marc Fisher - Lawyer’s Price For Missing Pants: $65 Million - washingtonpost.com

Update: June 13th

Roy Pearson’s case is being heard in the DC courts today and yesterday he broke down and sobbed like a baby in open court. He has dropped the amount of the legal suit to only $54 Million in damages (heartbreak and suffering) but the case is a foolish and wasteful as it was when I created the original post in April.

The tears were prompted by Pearson’s emotions welling up during the trial as he recalled the point at which the cleaners called him in to present him with his pants which had turned up. As noted in the Wall Street Journal Online:

“The cleaner’s lawyer, Christopher Manning, described Pearson as embittered, having emerged from recent divorce with financial problems and having held a grudge against the cleaners from a prior run-in. When did Pearson cry? Here, as described by the WaPo:

… but as he came to the part about when Soo Chung (Owner of the dry cleaner) finally told him she had found the missing pants, the tale of the $10.50 alteration that went awry proved to be too much.

“These are not my pants,” Pearson recalled telling Chung when she handed him a pair of gray pants with cuffs. “I have in my adult life, with one exception, never worn pants with cuffs.”

“And she said, ‘These are your pants.’ ”

Pearson paused. He struggled to breathe deeply. He could not continue. Pearson blurted a request for a break, stood up, turned around and walked out of the courtroom, tears dripping from his full and reddened eyes.”

Final Update (June 25): The case was dismissed by Judge Judith Bartnoff overseeing it in the DC Courts and the Cleaners were awarded court costs. Additionally the National Labor Relations Board has called for Mr Pearson to be debarred so that he can no longer serve as a judge. This case has made a mockery of the US legal system and hopefully will prompt some actions on behalf of lawmakers to prevent such frivolous cases from being brought in the future.



And Verizon says - Oops!

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With the Apple iPhone ship date just 2 weeks away it is clear that AT&T will be snatching customers from the other wireless carriers just due to the fact that they have the iPhone. With over 18M people expressing considerable interest in having an iPhone even if it means switching wireless carrier the product will be a huge success and AT&T will be the primary beneficiary.

Verizon was initially approached by Apple to be the carrier for the phone. They declined based on Apple’s demands that they change certain aspects of their service to benefit the iPhone users. At this point however Verizon has to be bracing themselves for the rush of customers towards the door when iPhone launches. “Can You Hear me now?”

I personally know of dozens of current Verizon customers who will be acquiring an iPhone within days of launch despite the fact they will need to move their service to AT&T. It was foolish for the carriers (in particular Verizon) to believe that people actually value the carrier as opposed to the functionality of the device they choose to access the service. For a clear example of how network doesn’t matter just look at Internet Access. People care about their system (Mac, PC, etc.) not the way they access the network. This has resulted in cutthroat competition to somehow acquire customers for Comcast, Verizon, Earthlink and others because the network doesn’t matter. If it works one carrier is as good as another.

Keep watching as the realization dawns on Verizon that they have made a huge blunder. I predict that they will be paying a large sum to AT&T in a couple of years to remove the exclusivity clause from Apple’s contract just to get iPhone available to users that would prefer their network for one reason or other but not enough to use a lesser device on the Verizon network.

Is iPhone AT&T’s Magic Bullet? - WSJ.com


Disney Mashup Explains Copyright Law

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A ten minute mashup containing clips from numerous Disney films and characters was directed by Eric Faden. A result of Stanford’s Fair Use Project Documentary Film program the film is intended to explain in a parody the facets of Copyright Law.

Interesting to view it can be seen at:

Fair(y) Use Tale


Optical Illusions on the Web

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I ran across a site that is worth taking a look at when you have a few minutes. It is dedicated to hosting pictures that are optical illusions of of art creates the illusion. There is a particularly interesting post of photos of art created by a chalk artist in England. The illusions he creates on sidewalks is near amazing.

Optical Illusions | Cool Visual Illusions | Weird Pictures


Bill Gates needs an Economics Lesson - Zillow

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When he was asked about whether he personally had used ‘Zillow.com’ a real estate site that estimates housing prices and values, he replied that in fact he had used the site. Zillow leverages Microsoft maps and some AI to estimate the price a house might fetch based on it’s location and features.

Gates then went on to demonstrate that as a monopolist he has no concept of fair market value in an open market economy. Gates said “Their (Zillow’s) algorithms for figuring out prices don’t scale very well to the low end or the very high end, I can tell you that. They’re great for the part that counts. But if you bid that number on my house, I won’t sell it to you.”

Bill; the value Zillow is assigning to properties in their application is intended to be the price that a reasonable buyer might be willing to pay for a property or that which a reasonable seller might accept in the same market. It is not trying to predict what an unreasonable seller might want to displace them from a home in which they currently reside. Since you are accustomed to being in a monopoly position the concept of value is foreign to you so I will give you a pass this time. You should realize that the monopoly you have on Operating Systems for Personal Computers appears to be dissolving as fast as a puddle in the desert so you should grab some economics books and give micro-economics a quick read.

Alternatively, Mr. Gates you could take a look at the Form 10K for Microsoft and observe the enormous loss that Microsoft is taking manufacturing and selling the Xbox and Zune. This also will provide you a sense that sales price is a product of value not the wishful thinking of the supplier.

Gates: Don’t bother bidding my Zestimate


StumbleUpon - Surfing in the new Millenium

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Do you have few minutes free to look around for cool stuff on the Internet? Wondering where you would start to find stuff that fits within areas that are of interest to you?

Try ‘Stumble Upon’ the add-on for Firefox that let’s you select topics and categories that you are interested in and then whenever it suits you just click on the ‘stumble’ button in Firefox. This will take you to a site that fits those categories but that has been rated highly by other ‘Stumble Upon’ users. You can rate the site simply by clicking ‘thumbs up’ or thumbs down’.

If you find yourself in a browsing rut give it a try!



Jim Barksdales Rules of Snakes

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Jim Barksdale

Having worked at Netscape from November 1995 to the time I departed (post AOL merger) in March of 2000, I sincerely believe that Jim Barksdale is the best executive I have ever had the privilege of working for. He is honest, knowledgable and valued his employees to a degree I had not seen nor have since.

Jim was renowned for his ability to voice his beliefs and summarize situations in manner at once ‘down home’ and exactly to the point. My personal favorite was Barksdale’s “3 rules of snakes” where snakes allude to business issues and problems.

“We have 3 rules at Netscape.”

“The first rule is if you see a snake, don’t call committees, don’t call your buddies, don’t form a team, don’t get a meeting together, just kill the snake.

The second rule is don’t go back and play with dead snakes. Too many people waste too much time on decisions that have already been made.

And the third rule of snakes is: all opportunities start out looking like snakes.”

Here is a list of many Barksdaleisms as they are called.


Melting Bones thwart Facelifts

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For years the public has commented on the bizarre looks of those older women who after a face lift look frightening. Why the appearance of these youth seeking oldsters is so strange was not truly understood.

Old Bag

Example of Bad Face Lift

Now a couple of plastic surgeons Dr. David Kahn at Stanford and Dr. Robert Shaw (former Stanford medical student, now a resident at the University of Rochester Medical Center) have published two studies showing that as age and wrinkle your facial bones are are shrinking and changing shape as well. These bones effectively melting and disintegrating over time mean you really can never look the same as you did in your youth.

Apparently, this affects women earlier than men and in concert with the propensity for women to turn to plastic surgery to regain their appearance is a disaster waiting to happen. It clearly explains why women with faces stretched so tight you could bounce a quarter on their cheeks still don’t look young.



Zune - Late & Lame

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The general concensus across the industry is that the new MP3 player from Microsoft is nothing to crow about. According to sources the large package size, poor battery life, brain dead DRM and total lack of any accessory ecosystem and purposeless sharing capability leave Zune well behind the iPod before it sees the light of day.

On a brighter note for Zune there has been a new line of Zune docks designed to compliment the technology and look of the device. Here is a picture of ‘dog crap’ dock crafted exclusively for the Zune.


Tired of Credit Card offers like this?

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Go to Optoutprescreen.com and banish unsolcited Credit card offers for 5 years or forever! OptOutPrescreen.com is the only internet website authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion for consumers to Opt-Out of firm offers of credit or insurance. You may request to Opt-Out from firm offer lists for 5 years or permanently. Pam ran across a newspaper write up on opting out and 5 min later after completeing the process of registering we were done. Stopping the barrage of applications is complete online in minutes and sending in postal mail the document printed from the site and signed allows you to permanently opt out.

I for one am looking forward to less trash in my mailbox. You can join me by going to the link below.



Katie Couric Fluff Master

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With her premier as the solo news anchor for CBS Katie took the top spot for the nightly news shows yesterday evening. Unfortunately for Couric and CBS I believe that this popularity was more a demonstration of curiousity seekers than a shift in the viewing habits of the American public. More unfortunately for them the show itself was a lame ‘fluff-fest’. With Katie going on about how Vanity Fair had finally gotten pictures of “the most infamous recluse in the world” yes that right a major portion of the show was dedicated to the fact that there are now photos of Tom Cruise (infamous social misfit and couch jumping idiot) and Katie Holmes’ baby Suri. Who cares? For a moment I thought the kids had switched the channel to watch Access Hollywood.

Katie ended the show by waxing on about how real journalists of the past had ended their broadcasts running the audio of some illustrious news journalists of the past. Then, it offered the images of mythical buffoon newsmen Ted Baxter (Ted Knight) and Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell). That was nothing less than moronic. She ended by going on about how she had yet to decide on her personal signature tag line with which to end the CBS-Couric fluff-fest broadcast. She concluded by asking viewers to send her suggestions if they had any. (Is this a contest? Perhaps the prize is a specially configured Tivo that won’t allow viewing of CBS in the 6:30pm to 7:00pm timeslot!) My personal suggestion for Katie is “Goodnight this is Katie Couric signing off and thankfully early enough so viewers really interested in the news can get it on NBC immediately following this broadcast.”

Couric newscast takes top spot in overnight ratings - MarketWatch

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