Review: The iPhone 5S really is the best iPhone yet - Computerworld

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Review: The iPhone 5S really is the best iPhone yet - Computerworld With cutting-edge architecture, a better camera and a motion coprocessor, the 5S offers a lot of hardware for the money


Homeland Security: Hackers Love Android

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The Department of Homeland Security is warning that Google’s Android OS is a major target for hackers and represents the single largest target for security issues having 79% of the malware for mobile platforms targeting Android. By contrast Apple’s IOS has only 0.7% of the malware focused on trying to exploit that much more secure platform.

Trying to save money by buying an android based phone?  It may cost you big time when you get hacked! Homeland Security: Hackers Love Android| Wall St. Cheat Sheet


Microsoft Unveils Logo For Windows 8

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Windoze 8 logo

Microsoft has unveiled the logo for the next version of Windows. Consistent with prior versions of their Operating System and other products; the software giant has spent more time ruminating about the pointless than the important. I find it fascinating that they would pre-announce the logo along with a stream of drivel seeking to indicate the incredibly thoughtful approach they have taken to arrive at the logo.

Let’s face it. If the company spent this much time and mental effort on the software itself it wouldn’t release the poorly constructed malware it currently calls an operating system.

Microsoft Unveils Logo For Windows 8


Apple unveils Mountain Lion OS X Preview

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Mountain Lion

Apple unveils Mountain Lion Preview: iOS-ification of OS X continues with Messages, AirPlay Mirroring, Notification Center, Game Center, Twitter and more | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

The Macintosh platform continues to evolve in ways that make it easier to work across multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and serves as a guidepost for Microsoft to develop versions of Windows deliverable in 202X with similar functionality.


10 Incredible Stats From Apple Q1 Earnings

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Ever wonder why everyone seems to have an iPhone and an iPad?

10 Incredible Stats From Apple’s Q1 Earnings


Why Android updates are a mess: its the business model | ZDNet

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Ever wonder why the most tech saavy of your collegues use an iPhone or chose the iPad over 10 to 1 over the abundance of Android based tablets available today? It’s because despite the fact they are technically capable of getting applications (as opposed to malware) from the Google Market and the fact they are capable of getting the half baked platform to look and mostly act like an Apple device. Even they cannot get new releases and updates to the platform onto these devices in the future. Despite being technically superior they cannot keep their devices up to date so they opt for the best investment an IOS device from Apple.

Why Android updates are a mess: it’s the business model | ZDNet


Dubious about investing in Facebook? You are not alone.

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No Facebook!

Having worked at Netscape in the Internet bubble, I have a natural pessimism when it comes to Internet pure play stock valuations. Just because you could order a product on the Internet doesn’t make the market for that product exponentially larger. It also becomes hard to monetize users that don’t use your service to actually buy things. Look back to AOL to realize that it’s hard to make money providing free services (like AIM) regardless of how many users there are.

Facebook seems to me to be a classic example of ‘Irrational Exuberance’. Duff McDonald at Fortune Magazine also shares my perspective and has a pretty good writeup on his reasons the discussed valuations of Facebook are interesting but probably not realistic.



iPhone and Flash - a good explaination

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icon Flash on iPhone

Looking for a good high level (non-emotional) explanation of why Apple is keeping Adobe Flash off it’s devices? The story linked below provides an overview and explains why you the user are the benefactor.

Why you don’t want Flash on your iPhone (iPod Touch/iPad)


Global Warming reasonable Doubts

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Despite the fact that many politicians and so called experts insist that Global Warming is a man-made problem and could doom mankind to extinction the science just doesn’t support this nonsense. Businessweek has a great article on the topic. It’s a great read for anyone that thinks they have the facts because clearly no-one really understands the driving forces and the most vocal folks on this issue are the ones that stand to profit from the draconian measures that are being recommended.



Wall Street Journal - Pay Multiple times for the same content

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The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has decided that they want to charge subscribers multiple times for the same information and content. I subscribe to WSJ Online and also used the iPhone mobile app to read the content on my iPhone. Recently I noted that I was unable to read full stories on the iPhone application. Turns out WSJ now has decided that even if you have a print subscription and a subscription to the paper on the web you need to pay yet another fee of $2 per week just to look at the same material on the “Free” iPhone app.

After learning of this I have determined I will not be renewing my online access at all. 1) I have an issue with paying twice for the same thing. If Apple ran iTunes like Dow Jones is charging for WSJ you would have to pay to listen to songs on your computer and pay again when you wanted to take them with you on your iPod. 2) the WSJ mobile app is decidely inferior to other iPhone apps like the New York Times app which is totally free along with the content.

Perhaps in the future WSJ will get a clue and I can revisit my decision.


Steve Jobs health is his business not the media

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One thing to be thankful for with respect to the media frenzy about Michael Jacksons untimely and suspicious death is that we aren’t hearing a clamor for detailed info on the health of Steve Jobs.

The SEC has never disciplined a company for a failure to disclose health problems. In part, we all buy, sell and trade on someone’s health without knowing their fates. Sergey Brin or Larry Page, Google’s founders, may be fit as fiddles, but they could get run over tomorrow by a Toyota Prius

Apple/Macintosh - Line Crossed in Demands for Details of Jobs’ Health


Blackberry in Business a handicap as opposed to iPhone (Infoworld)

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A thorough analysis of a ‘state of the art’ Blackberry and the iPhone finds the iPhone far and away a better and more productive platform for the business user. Specifically the evaluation indicates “That original comparison said it was time to bury the BlackBerry; the iPhone OS 3.0 simply piles more dirt onto the grave.”

Bury your corporate supplied Blackberry and get efficient and effective with an iPhone. Even at HP the number of iPhone users is growing daily. Although short sighted management might see this as a problem (given HP makes a poor family of Windows Mobile based phones known as the iPAQ) executive management should recognize that I and my iPhone using peers are far more productive and effective than those HP employees who struggle daily to even make calls with their HP corporate devices.

In short, ditch the blackberry and other iPhone wannabe’s and get the real thing.

Deathmatch rematch: BlackBerry versus iPhone 3.0 | Business Center | iPhone Central | Macworld


Pirate Bay - awaiting the verdict

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Bittorrent logo

If you have ever used a BitTorrent client you have probably been to “Pirate Bay”. It is the largest and most up to date site to find shared material in the Internet. Users with BitTorrent that wish to locate video, audio or sofware go to the site and search for what they want or navigate the site to find newly added content. When they locate something they are interested in they download a small file that details what the files are and where they can be found via the BitTorrent client.

The Movie and Music industry brought a legal suit against Pirate Bay in Swedish courts since that is where Pirate Bay is actually located. Whether you know it or not the resolution of this legal question will impact your use of the Internet for file sharing and access for the future. The question is really whether it is legal to provide access to links posted by users that for files that may or may not be copyrighted materials.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Countdown to Pirate Bay verdict


Infoworld Review: Blackberry more of a sprinkle than a Storm

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Yet another prposed iPhone killer turns out to be more of a limp noodle. According to Infoworld, “But people who were hoping for a credible iPhone alternative fortified with BlackBerry’s strengths as a mobile tool for corporate travelers will likely find the Storm a disappointment. When it comes to touch interfaces, Apple still has no peer.”

Review: BlackBerry’s Storm is awkward and disappointing


Microsoft Exec: I wrote Apple’s OS

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Rick Rashid (Microsoft’s Head of Research) claims since he wrote a few lines of code for the open source Mach OS that somehow he is responsible for the Mac (OS X) and the iPhone. As he pointed out to Microsoft developers at a recent developers conference:

“If you use a Macintosh or an iPhone, which honestly, I would not recommend, you would be using code that I wrote more than 25 years ago.”

I guess his point is that he wrote better code 25 Years ago than he and his team can deliver today.

Microsoft: So cool, it invented Apple, too | The Open Road - The Business and Politics of Open Source by Matt Asay - CNET News


Apple iPhone 3G demand is overwhelming

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Apple is selling the new models of the iPhone rapidly. It has been on sale only 5 days and already the worldwide stock is limited to that remaining at less than 20% of the Apple and carrier locations.

You can be sure that the iPhone production is ramping even as we speak and the stated goal to sell 1 Million in the first week was eclipsed by the fact they sold over 1 Million the first weekend.

Apple iPhone 3G sold out (almost)


The lies about Global Warming

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For years now the Global Warming fearmongers have been hard at work blaming a natural and cyclical phenomenon on human activity. Many (in fact most) real scientists dispute the cause and effect relationship that Al Gore and his minions would have you believe exists with respect to Global warming.

To make this misguided deception more tragic and misleading, the social and fiscal costs of their proposed “solutions” to the supposed “problem” are astronomical and are never actually discussed or considered by Global warming wags.

If you would like to get a true account of the reasons for Global warming and other environmental issues go to a site that is popular with scientists and experts in the fields of climate and the environment.


Get off the bandwagon of lies and learn the truth.

CFACT - Committee For a Constructive Tomorrow


Vista so bad users sad to see XP off the shelves

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It’s incredible that Windows Vista (more than one year after it’s release) is still so bad that users and PC makers alike are sad and frustrated that Windows XP is soon going to be unavailable. Having users yearn to be allowed to buy a 9 year old Operating System is unbelievable and could only occur in a virtual monopoly market.

XP is creaky, insecure and lame relative to Mac OS X and Linux so it’s an embarassment to Microsoft that Vista (in which they sunk billions in development cost) is so reviled.

Microsoft denies XP a last-minute reprieve


Microsoft Zune and NBC to launch Copyright COP

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I am a Tivo owner and frequently convert video recorded by my Tivo so I can watch it on my iPhone on travel and when I have time during the week. According to NBC and Microsoft if I buy a Zune only content purchased off the Zune Marketplace is acceptable to watch on a Zune. So if I had a Zune (a likely as a snowball in hell) the device would prohibit me from watching this legally acquired content.

Like you, I or anyone for that matter wants proven criminal Microsoft and some NBC telling us how and what to watch on devices we paid for with our money! NBC and Microsoft may think they have the right to assume we are guilty until proven innocent but I am voting with my $s and say ‘NO’ to Zune and these ill conceived plans to control me.



Windows Collapsing under its own Weight

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Gartner Group analysts (Michael Silver and Neil MacDonald) at a conference in Las Vegas presented a bleak picture of future for Microsoft Windows. During their presentation titled “Windows Is Collapsing: How What Comes Next Will Improve”indicated in no uncertain terms that Vista is a bloated and backward operating system and Microsoft must get in touch with market realities and ditch Vista and start anew. They may be too late they said “For Microsoft, its ecosystem and its customers, the situation is untenable.”

McDonald and Silver also stated that Microsoft Windows is a disaster for small platforms like handhelds and mobile phones, “Apple introduced its iPhone running OS X, but Microsoft requires a different product on handhelds because Windows Vista is too large, which makes application development, support and the user experience all more difficult.” They confirmed that Windows is becoming irrelevant and must start with a clean sheet of paper to stay a player when they said, “Windows as we know it must be replaced”



Adobe Flash on the iPhone - no Thanks!

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No Flash Logo

Last week Steve Jobs told the world that Adobe Flash is far to resource intensive and buggy to work well on any mobile device. He indicated (quite correctly) that there is no need for Flash on the iPhone since other technologies exist to deliver better functionality and performance. So in not so many words he indicated that Apple would not be supporting Flash on mobile OS X.

Today Adobe announced they believe that they can port Adobe Flash to the iPhone with the SDK. Adobe believes that they develop support for Flash in the form that can be delivered through the iPhone/Touch Application Store. Perhaps they can but regardless there’s no compelling reason for any iPhone user to download it and plenty of reasons not to.



Macintosh marketshare to Double! - Gartner

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According to Gartner Macintosh marketshare will double in the next couple of years. Their prediction is based on the customer satisfaction surveys that demonstrate how Apple customers are extremely satisfied with their systems.

Unbelievable amount of dissatisfaction with Windows Vista!

Gartner predicts Macintosh marketshare doubling | Computerworld Blogs


Modified MacBook Tablet

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This newly introduced tablet Mac is called the ModBook. It is a MacBook modified and rehoused in a beautiful tablet form factor with a digitizing stylus. GPS and WiFi are built in with a DVD burning, SuperDrive. The tablet utilizes Apple’s InkWell technology to fully enable stylus use in all applications. The system is able to connect to normal key board and mouse via bluetooth or USB.

I want to put this on my Christmas list for next year!


Computerworld: Leopard spanks Vista

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After detailed and painstaking analysis of Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard) and Microsoft Vista, Computerworld declares Leopard the hands down winner in terms of ease of use, functionality and robustness.

Specifically Computerworld says; “There’s really no contest. Tiger (Mac OS 10.4) is a better OS than Vista, and there are no long-term downsides to Leopard (Mac OS 10.5). Vista doesn’t measure up.”

Maybe it’s time for Windows oriented businesses and users to investigate a superior alternative in OS X.

Comic on versions of Vista

The verdict: Leopard spanks Vista, continues OS X’s reign of excellence There’s really no contest. Tiger is a better OS than Vista, and there are no long-term downsides to Leopard. Vista doesn’t measure up.


Xbox design flaw Killed a Baby and Microsoft doesn’t care

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Among it’s many other problems, the X-Box is a fire hazard. An Illinois family whose house burned down killing their infant son is now suing Microsoft. Instead of sorrow for building a flawed and dangerous product Microsoft claims the family was at fault for not unplugging the device when they were not using it.

Microsoft shows disregard and malice toward this family even after proof that the fire was due one of the millions of proven faulty X-Box units killed their son. Microsoft is seeking the legal cases’ dismissal and that their legal fees be paid for by the family. This is a company that should be punished for it’s blatant disregard for it’s customers and human life.

How does Balmer even sleep at night? He makes me sick, trying to paint Apple as customer unfriendly for lowering the price of the iPhone while he freely spends for countless legal services to beat down a family that one of his products indisputably killed their infant boy.

Microsoft Says Xbox ‘Abuse’ Led To Fire That Killed Baby — Xbox Lawsuit — InformationWeek

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