A note from the Menkart's family album.

August 1998 - Happy Birthday

was the theme in Wheaton on August 1. Staggered arrival of relatives helped make the celebration a SURPRISE for Doris, the guest of honor, whose  upcoming 95th birthday was the eventís justification. A gathering spanning four generations provided stimulus for joyful reminiscing that was fun for young and old.


Honored guest's descendants gathered for a group portrait. From left  Philip, Katy, Andrew, Billy, Pam, Nicole, John. Phil, Doris, Ellie, Alison, Trish, Kala, Daniel.Young parents proudly introduced their off springs. Children enjoyed the attention of their uncles and the babies fulfilled their mission of being cute.


 Uncle Philip was pressed pressed into service as coach and player for the benefit of the older
(Alison and Daniel) great grandchildren .  The old folks (Ellie and George) relaxed. 

Outstanding hostess and host, Katy and Phil, provided the best of all venues for a memorable event enjoyed by all. Thank you Feinsot's of Dickinson Drive ... Katy you bake a great cake and Phil and Katy you sure run a fun get together.

George & Ellie