Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

A great trip, third grandchild and adventures make the Menkartís 1997 a memorable year.

Mikyla Elise Richardson was born on Saturday  November 15. Her siblings, Dan 7 and Alison 10, are delighted by the new arrival. Dan mostly just looks. Alison is much more help as she is able to amuse the baby by picking it up, and rocking it on her lap. She has not yet tackled diaper changing.

Ellie and George spent Thanksgiving week in Christiansburg getting acquainted with number three grandchild. John joined the crowd Thanksgiving day and practiced handling a baby. John and Pam are expecting in March.

A visit by Anne-Marie, Georgeís twin, Eva, his older sister, Evaís husband, Jonathan and brother Johnís widow Diddy was the January highlight.

Tax season not only kept Ellie gainfully occupied for sixteenth year in a row but also provided a reason a one week visit by her brother Phil accompanied by Doris, Ellieís mother.  Tax return preparation for all the Feinsots was fitted in between rounds of golf, manatee watching and eating out.

A midsummer visit to Chicago provided and opportunity for Katy, Philís wife, to provide expert help to Ellie as she shopped garage sales in preparation for the arrival of Mikayla.

New Zealand and Australia swallowed the fall.

We now look forward to a Christmas at home and visits by both son John and daughter Trish and their families.

Best wishes for a great 1998
Ellie and George