George invites you to enjoy the following:

Pictures from the year 1974
Menkart Homes 1956-New Millenium
A visit to our garden in Spring 2002
1951- 1952 Revisited photo version
June 6 1956 the start of a journey  (QuickTime movie 1.6MB)/Photo Version
Kayla Visits the Menkart's (April 2000)
Galapalgos Trip (Summer 1999)
Cleo's Holiday 1998 Story
Across the Dateline (The Lost Month!)
Best Christmas Ever
George's Holiday Letter 1996
Halloween Story
Doris Feinsot Birthday Celebration'98
1997 Christmas Greeting!
George's 1998 Christmas Greeting!
Seasons Greetings for 2003

updated: September 24, 2004