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The Menkart’s 1998 was punctuated by family get togethers.

Doris, Ellie’s Mom celebrated her 95th birthday in August. Chicago’s suburb,
Wheaton, was the site for the gathering of young and old Menkarts and Feinsots.

The second week of October George’s relatives met in New Hampshire at the new home of Edith Menkart, George’s sister-in-law.

Thanksgiving was celebrated in Laurel Maryland, at John and Pam’s home. Both of Ellie’s and George’s  offsprings and their descendants, which now number four, were there.

Another gathering is upcoming as Trish, Mike (her husband), 11 year old Alison, 8 year old Daniel and one year Kayla plan to visit DeLand at Christmas. Obligatory trip to Sea World, golf for Mike and the beach for Alison, Dan and Kayala are all on the schedule.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ellie’s and George’s wish for you

December 1998
Gallery of Grand Children:
Nichole (John's)  - Kayala (trish's) - Alison and Daniel (Trish's)