Jeanne Repeats Frances Phenomena

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A story widely reported in after the Northeast Blackout of 1965 recounted the experience of an elderly New Yorker. She placed two slices of bread in a pop up toaster, pushed the handle down and the lights went out. Looking out her window she noticed that street lights were out and all the windows she could see were dark. Her reaction: “WHAT HAVE I DONE?”.

Hurricane Frances and Jeanne provided two events, which caused me to recollect the elderly woman’s story:

Frances knocked out our electric service Sunday at about 9:30AM. Close to 4PM our next-door neighbor, David Winters phoned and offered to run a cord from his generator to our refrigerator. As David began the process of bringing the cord to our home our lights came on.

In anticipation of Jeanne David ran a cord from his front porch, the generators location, to our garage. Sunday at about 10AM our electric service was lost. A little after 2 in the afternoon David fired up the generator and almost simultaneously electric service was restored.

Clearly David Winters posses a most powerful generator.

Jeanne’s calling card … virtually no damage

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