Kayla’s 2006 Florida vacation

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In July eight year old Kayla flew to Florida to visit Grandma Ellie and Grandpa George. Highlights of Kayla’s vacation are captured in the following video.

Kayla’s visit Quick Time movie


Hawaii revisited

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My first visit to Hawaii was as a draftee on my way to Japan to participate in the Korean Police Action. The troop ship taking me from San Francisco to Yokohama stopped in Honolulu for two days. A sight seeing opportunity was thus provided. Wakiki Beach and it’s Royal Hawaiian Hotel made a enduring impression creating a desire to someday stay at the great hotel. This wish was fulfilled in May of 2006 when Ellie and I spent two nights at the historic luxury hotel. The opportunity to rekindle and realize my 1950s wish was an ancillary benefit to joining son John and his family for a week at a resort on Maui. The opportunity to spend quality time with John’s family on Maui and the chance to reminisce on Oahu made the Hawaii trip a great way to celebrate Ellie’s and George’s 50th wedding anniversary.
Wakiki in the 1950s and ………………………. Ellie and George at the Royal Hawaiian May 2006

See a Quick Time movie of visit

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