Hawaii revisited

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My first visit to Hawaii was as a draftee on my way to Japan to participate in the Korean Police Action. The troop ship taking me from San Francisco to Yokohama stopped in Honolulu for two days. A sight seeing opportunity was thus provided. Wakiki Beach and it’s Royal Hawaiian Hotel made a enduring impression creating a desire to someday stay at the great hotel. This wish was fulfilled in May of 2006 when Ellie and I spent two nights at the historic luxury hotel. The opportunity to rekindle and realize my 1950s wish was an ancillary benefit to joining son John and his family for a week at a resort on Maui. The opportunity to spend quality time with John’s family on Maui and the chance to reminisce on Oahu made the Hawaii trip a great way to celebrate Ellie’s and George’s 50th wedding anniversary.
Wakiki in the 1950s and ………………………. Ellie and George at the Royal Hawaiian May 2006

See a Quick Time movie of visit

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